Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday Date in the Mountains

Rick and I had a spur of the moment date Saturday. After I came in from my quiet time at the bench in the morning I asked him if he would take me up for a ride in the mountains. He agreed, wasn't that sweet?

One of my coworkers had went last week and shared some beautiful pictures of her hike. The trees up there were starting to turn so it was beautiful. We went up 181 into the Pisgah Forest. Up past Jonas Ridge we went to an old country store, then on to an outdoor vegetable market and up the road for some fresh nuts. We then stopped for lunch at the Italian Pizza restaurant. Never been there before but boy was it good! Headed back down we found the hiking trail at Upper Creek. We hiked for a little while with a promise to go back when we had more time to stay longer. The trail was challenging in the way of finding footing with nothing to hold on to with lots of rocks and tree roots.

These next 2 pictures is a stop by the side of the road at the entrance to a housing development.

This is a part of the old country store. They were making apple butter in a copper pot and I got to take a turn stirring. Also, a taste. Mmmmmm.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Recently I heard a radio program where someone talked about adopting 2 toddlers. The toddlers had never been outside their living area. When they were in route to their nice, new, loving home they only cried reaching back to where they came from.Because that is what they were used to. They didn't realize how wonderful their new home was going to be. It was stated how like this we Christians are. We are adopted, just strangers and pilgrims here. But we still have such strong attachments to this earth and our relationships here and have never experienced heaven so it is hard to imagine what that nice, new, loving and beautiful home will be like. We won't be missing anything we have here when we get there.

It reminds me of the residents in the nursing home. They are so accustomed to having their 1 little room and constantly being inside. One time when an outside festival was arranged especially for them just outside their building it didn't please them like we thought it would. Many of them as they were wheeled outside felt uncomfortable to be outside their normal surroundings. Even though there were treats and prizes and games they requested to go back inside.

May I set my affections on things above, not on things of this earth. On my journey to heaven I will take nothing and no one else with me.