Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wow! I haven't posted since August

Wow! I haven't posted since August. Just haven't had the time. But I still love the pictures of our tea in Ohio with Lori and Ericca! I have looked at others blogs briefly from time to time.

I am excited/prayerful about our concert tonight. We're starting out with "I Need Thee".  An old hymn but with an always needed message. Julie will be singing "I Get on My Knees", Lori will be playing a piano solo, we all will be singing 3 favorite Collingsworth Family songs among others. "I Could Never Thank Him Enough" is a good one since the whole world seems to turn their thoughts to thankfulness this month.

I wonder how many people will actually incorporate some thankful activities into their Thanksgiving Day celebrations. Most families don't see much of each other except on this holiday. It is great to catch up on family news and enjoy each others recipes.

Does anybody have any comments on what you do to make a difference in other peoples lives on Thanksgiving. I would like to reach out to other people this year. I won't be going home for Thanksgiving so I would like to invest at least some of my day in someone else that could use it. 

May everyone take some time to lift your hearts to God, even if it is for the first time. He is Wonderful!