Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things Are Piling Up Around Here

Today I am feeling more in touch with my mother. No...not through some strange experience. The realization of how much she did while taking care of my Dad, sewing for a living, cooking meals, handling the finances and still doing for others including her children and grandchildren. She just didn't have time for everything. Yes, some things were piling up that she didn't have time to sort through. Which is why I feel so in touch with her. Things are piling up around here that I don't have time to get done. Rick is doing so well from his surgery but naturally not up to doing a lot. Plus we are working on trying to eat healthier which requires some time and organization to plan healthy meals, make grocery lists, shop, put the groceries away. Then fix what you've bought. He used to do most of the grocery shopping and cooking. Plus the million other chores he did. But I am so thankful to God that Rick is here and there was no heart damage. God has certainly blessed us. When I look at that big scar on his chest it is amazing to think what a surgeon did. It is so hard to fathom.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thankful for God and those He uses

On Wednesday, June 20, Rick had a heart cath. With 2 arteries closed at 99% Dr. Hazen sent him straight to Charlotte to Carolina Medical Center. Lori and I followed later. Rick was in good spirits with no pain but Dr. Hazen said you don't want to go home and think about it because any time the arteries could go to 100%. So he went by ambulance. On Friday at 10 am he had surgery for 3 bypasses. So many circles of people were praying. He had an excellent doctor, Dr. Stiegall and excellent care throughout the hospital. It was a little touchy because of his lung function but still with that he did great after a few days. He came home on Thursday, June 28. We were both exhausted and it was a little scary being on our own at home. But with help from Lori, Julie and Clay we are now progressing. Backtracking a little, Dru, his sister, and husband Glenn stayed with me in Charlotte during that week. We were directed to the Hospitality House right behind the hospital. For $40 a night we had a private room with 3 single beds and bathroom, tv. This place was a God send. Three floors, each with a fantastic laundry room. A large kitchen with double appliances, a pantry with donated food and pans, dishes and small appliances of any kind you might need. You could cook your own meals. We met so many nice people there, volunteers and families all with their own health crisis. Eric, Seth, Ericca and Megan came down from Ohio. It meant so much to Rick to see the eagerness they had to spend time with him. Mike and Kelly visited him also and he was very pleased to see them. Many friends and family have helped us out financially and no words can say thank you enough. I am learning to dole out his many medicines. Something I didn't get involved in previously. He always took care of that. Among his "chores" I am taking over is laundry, bill paying, cooking, upkeep of small house maintenance and grocery shopping. OF COURSE, I CAN'T TAKE CREDIT FOR ALL OF THIS. Lori, Julie and Clay have been a great help. And Dru and Glenn will be back this evening to stay a few days while I am at work. I am so thankful for God and those He uses to perform such miracle tasks as fixing a heart. Thanks for the many phone calls, facebook posts and texts to check on us. If I have left anyone out forgive me. May God bless you all.