Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bail Out

I have been following the talk of the billion dollar bail out. It is quite scary to think of the repercussions of all this. It is already affecting many people right around me. But thankfully, if we trust in God we are not without hope. I read the scripture this week in Psalms that it is better to trust in the Lord than to trust in princes. I take princes to mean any government authority or even spiritual authority. I heard someone on talk radio today say WHAT WE REALLY NEED IS A BAIL OUT OF HONESTY AND TRUTH. I'd say God is looking down from heaven and seeing humans scurrying around and troubled about earthly cares, shaking His head. His heavenly, most wise vision sees how humans need to be concerned about honesty and truth and salvation.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Better Be Packed and Ready for Heaven

More reminders today that it pays to be packed and ready for Heaven. I got a call today from the rest home that one of the younger residents had unexpectedly passed yesterday. Then, one of our sanders at work unexpectedly found his wife dead, sitting in a chair in their home. What if this were your loved one? What if it were you? Are you ready? Would you regret not clearing something up with someone you could no longer talk to or make things right with?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Heavenly Sunshine

Julie and Clay got me a new Legacy Five CD from the quartet convention. I have been listening to it all week. One of the songs mentions breathing fresh air in heaven. Sometimes I can't wait to be there breathing that air. I wonder if there will be a quiet place like in my header picture.
The mother of one of the girls at work passed away unexpectedly this week. I sent her a sympathy card and inserted the words of "Hello After Goodbye". It talks about how our time in heaven with our saved loved ones will be longer than the time we have missed them down here. There are so many grevious things going on down here on earth that it makes me long for heaven. We never know how soon that might be. Kim's mom was a healthy, active 72 yr old. She was putting her lawn mower away and it looked like she had just sat down and laid back from what I understand.
The altars were lined at church this morning. James preached on Revelation 3. Being fervent and not lukewarm. Clay's niece's husband, Justin, went to the altar. Nancy and Doug ate lunch with us and Nancy said that Justin had never been brought up in church and she was excited to see him go.
Nancy and Doug are such sweet people. They have been an encouragement to Rick and I.
Well I need to see some of that heavenly sunshine this afternoon. The weekend is always over too soon for me. Monday will find me back in my office with no window. I have to admit I am jealous of Julie being able to quit her job and be a stay at home wife. I remember those days being at home, being in prayer and in the Word without worrying as much about what time it was. Also, getting the house in order and having supper ready for Rick when he came home from work. I tease Julie about having everything done for Clay when he gets home. She can mow the grass and have all the house repairs and errands done and Clay will have his evenings free. Ha! Ha!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Scrawny Bushes

My rose bushes have not been the greatest this year. I think it was due to the dry weather. They have still pleasured me with many blooms. Also, I haven't taken the time to cultivate them very much. Last night I did some trimming and hoeing, gettting them ready for winter. I did a real major trimming on my white one. It always gives me 100's of blooms in early summmer but doesn't have a second blooming. My other bushes ususally bloom several times throughout the season. I just read a devotion that says: "I don't know what issue you might be struggling with today, but I know you are not alone. The Holy Spirit is a Master Gardener who delights in working with scrawny, out-of-control bushes if they will yield to his gentle pruning." Lord help me today to be shaped up and pruned by You.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Small breakthroughs mean a lot.

One of the best encouraging time of my week is being at the rest home. Lori took her guitar this evening and we sang through the halls instead of having a service. Julie and Clay are still on vacation. Rick is sick. Our first stop was Alice's room. She has alway had a private room and is a very private person. She doesn't mingle with other people. When we first met her, she seemed to be a very proud woman, never wanting to talk about the Lord. But some months ago, we found out from one of the activity directors that Alice really did like for us to stop in and visit. She had very limited vision and used to love to read, but would not listen to books on tape. She asked us about our singing but she declined having us sing to her in her room. It was like she did not want to appear to need anything or anyone. In the past few weeks she has been less able to care for herself and limited to a lay back chair or her bed. Alice is in her ninties and is starting to lose her memory but she always calls us by our names or asks us to repeat our names. A few weeks ago one new nurse brought her into our service. I knew from experience with her she did not want to be in there and she kept repeating to be taken to her room. The new nurse thought she just needed to be out of her room and I did not over step her authority. I don't try to push God or the Bible or our singing on anyone who does not want it.

But tonight, Lori and I had a break through with her. She could tell Lori had an instrument with her and ask her about it. Then when we asked her about singing a song she said yes. Alice seemed to really enjoy it. We sang "Come unto Me" I prayed as we sang that some of the words would sink into her soul.

Before we left, one man stopped Lori in the hall. He wanted to play her guitar. He sat on his bed and was explaining to Lori how to tune her guitar. Then he started majorly turning the tuning keys like it was way out of tune. We had to smile. He used to be in a band called the "Brown Mountain Boys". He never did play anything, he just sat there trying to tune it. We laughed when we got to the car. Lori will have to do a major tuning before she plays again.

The small breakthrough with Alice may be God softening her heart. I remember Brother Homer Norwood talking about God tapping on a rock and causing little cracks until He is able to get through to somebody. I pray today that God is working with my children and grandchildren and Mother and brothers and sisters. May the Holy Spirit deal with each one until their needs are met.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Heaven Invading Earth

I just read the title of a book: "When Heaven Invades Earth". I am looking today for heaven to invade my earth. I read in Psalms 107 this morning, "Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and He saveth them out of their distresses." The question again today is: HOW BIG IS MY GOD?. May God be so invasive in our lives today that we are smothered with Him. God help my cup to so run over that there is enough to share with others.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

P + P = P

This formula is Purpose + Passion = Potential. I am reading a book by Jerry King "Now get a Real Life" given to us by our friend and business mentor, Marv Jackson. On my break I am reading and sharing. Jerry says he tries to ask himself daily "How BIG is my God? We think that even though God created the entire universe he's not quite big enough to help us get into college, obtain our dream job, write a book or play, record a CD, begin a grass roots movement or ministry, or even big enouch to supply enough money to pay our monthly bills." We think He is not quite big enough to solve our problems. I am thankful that God is teaching me that He can help us through long years of trials and that just because something takes a long time doesn't mean we should give up. Jerry says we need to stop putting God in a jar. AMEN! We need to take the lid off and let him work. If we let God use His passion and potential in us, WOW.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Breath of Fresh Air at Britthaven

We had a wonderful time at Britthaven tonight. It was a breath of fresh air. Some might think, "fresh air at a nursing home?" Oh yes, I know sometimes I wish they had several of our Ecoquest "Fresh Air" machines. But the fellowship there is great. It's a blessing to sing for them from our hearts. It doesn't matter that we're not on some stage with a crowd of people. Jesus reminded me while we were singing, "Just a cup of cold water in my name". It was a blessing that after we were closing, one man ask for Clay to sing a solo. This is the 2nd time this has happened and Clay was happy to oblige. Rick brought a good lesson from Romans 6 and how God wants us to live a victorious Christian life that is changed. And how God wants us to be a joyful Christian. We have been reading some encouraging books that explain how to stretch yourself and believe in the abilities God gave you. Maybe I will have more on this later.