Monday, August 29, 2011

Wild Plum Tea Room

Our daughters sent us to TN for a two night stay for our 38th anniversary. We leisurely spent our time. One of the places we visited was a lovely tea room:  "The Wild Plum Tea Room" in Gatlinburg. 

The welcoming sign.

Here is me on a bench outside the entrance.

A part of the lovely garden at the side.

Another view of the garden.

The menu for the day.

A view of the outdoor seating.

A charming table inside.

Another outside decor, a large vendor cart.

My husband was so sweet to visit here with me. Here he is with our menus.

He ordered the salad of the day. It was a scrumptious pea salad with a taste of horse radish. Of course, I helped him eat it. I will need to search for the recipe as I did not purchase a cookbook.

My plum tea was so refreshing and relaxing. I had several cups! His was served cold.

I chose the cheddar chablis soup. So good.

We gave in and tried a dessert. This was  peaches with a sauce. pound cake on the bottom, ice cream in the middle and whipped topping. Mmmmmm.

Mine was an amaretto bread pudding. You can also see husbands glass of iced plum tea.

A part of the serving area across the aisle from us.

Dishes for sale.  I resisted a purchase.

One of the hostesses said it was an Austrian tea room and invited me to go upstairs where there was more seating.  They were hosting a bridal shower up there the next day.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting The Wild Plum Tea Room with me today. If you are ever in the area look it up.

I am sharing with Lady Katherine today @ Lady Katherine Tea Time Tuesday.