Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tea Parties

Last week we had the privilege of spending the week in Ohio vacationing with family. We had lots of fun activities and here are some to share for Tea Time Tuesday with Lady Katherine. I'm sure you'll enjoy going to her blog to see the lovely teas that are being shared there.

I had made reservations for a tea room I found on line: Edith Mae's Tea Room in Xenia, Ohio. My grandaughter (one of my sons' daughter), my daughter and I had a wonderful time. It is a lovely Victorian house as you can see below.

Edith Mae's Tea Room, Xenia, Ohio 2010

The front entrance

The gazebo in the side yard

The girls tried on different hats as there were many antique ones from which to choose.
I kept the same one, a beautiful cream colored, velvety material with a long lacy train. Lori's hat here was beaded all over and the owner said it too was very old. The other ladies chose pink lemonade served in a goblet and I chose hot tea. We were served lemon poppy seed bread and cinamon rolls with it.

We had beautiful china plates.

Then we were served a scrumptious lunch of chicken salad on croissants, open cumcumer sandwiches, ham and cheese bisquits, lots of wonderful fresh fruit. There were 3 kinds of desserts on top, an orange cake with whipped cream icing, deep chocolate brownies and mini cherry pastry. We had to have a to go box.

The day before, my baby sister invited us to have dinner at her house. I checked with everybody and we had that night free so I told her we could come. Little did I know it was a surprise birthday dinner for me!! And look at the cake she made me.

A Tea Birthday Cake
I will show you different sides of it so you can read the words.

Isn't the little tea set cute and the icing table cloth? There are little icing napkins. Isn't she talented?
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