Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Blog Link to Check Out

I have added a new link on my side bar: The Rebelution by Alex and Brett Harris, brothers of Josh Harris who wrote "I Kissed Dating Goodbye". I heard them today on Focus on the Family and there is to be a 2nd broadcast with them tomorrow. This is my first time hearing of them and I am checking out their blog and links. Sound very interesting, teaching young people to do hard things and make a difference for Jesus Christ. Check it out with me and let me know what you think.

Change of subject: Lori went Christmas caroling with some co-workers tonight. They came here in the middle of their stops and had a bite to eat: "Cum on in an git yerself a bite to eat!" Well anyway, I was invited to go with them to their next stops and it was great fun.

Now I am waiting on my Amish Friendship bread to bake that Julie passed on to me. I wouldn't be up this late but I am overdue on getting it baked. It smells good, but my eyes are dragging. But meanwhile I was able to check out the new link some.

We have our annual Christmas drawing at work tomorrow. I would like to win a piece of furniture. We are so busy and I am thankful for a good job, but dreading end of year/beginning of new year work after Christmas. But for the days I have off I will forget it all and enjoy the blessings of Christmas.

I was so glad to hear from Lady Katherine today through Facebook. Please pray for her as she is recovering from a serious operation.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Middle of the Night Thoughts

I am thankful for the friendship of God. He is truly an anchor that can definitely be counted on when nothing else can. In the quiet times and all down through my life He is there. He shares with me and I share with Him. Wow! That makes a person feel special.

His plan of sending us a Brother and Defender is perfect and really makes you feel super loved when you think about it. Jesus came to us through a Special Birth. Like the song that I have playing here on my blog by Chris Rice "Welcome Holy Child" He came to us to breath our air and walk our sod.

Dear Jesus,

Make yourself at home in my heart. Welcome to our world perfect Son of God.

As I read over the words of my post the joy of the truth of the words are stronger than I can relate through typing. He is my reason for living and my hope in dying.

Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18, 2009 Snowwwwww!!!!!!

Well, we had a forcast for snow today. This time the weatherman was right. It has snowed all day. Our office closed at 1 o'clock. It is 9 pm and my son-in-law is still trying to get home from work. I hear there are wrecks all over the place. The traffic is stopped but thank the Lord he walked close by to a good Christian sister. She gave him hot soup.

I have just been enjoying the snow. I am safe at home and built a lame snowman and ventured outside as it has contintued all day. This is definitely unusual for our area.

Earlier Lori measured 8 inches in an untouched spot. It is still snowing at 9:17. Our weather warning is to last throught tomorrow evening.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Holiday Pictures

I know I didn't catch everyone in a picture. Love you all just the same.

Me and my big brother

Brother, sister, aunt and uncle

Sister, daughters, brother-in-law



And a lot more family

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad

Today is Moms' birthday. Saturday was Dads'. Sandy said we should all wear purple today but I haven't been on Facebook and didn't get the message from Julie until I was at work. I dressed Christmasy today.

Happy Birthday!I should have cloaked myself in the dressy, long purple coat I brought home from your closet. It would have been fun. I will get it out and maybe wear it tomorrow. :) But I do have some of your Christmas decorations and I know you loved the holidays. And don't worry, we left a lot for Roger but don't know if he will have the heart do decorate without you. He misses you, too. But we are doing good and appreciating all the things you saved (well maybe not our childhood teeth).

And Happy Birthday to Rick's mom today. Funny that our mothers were born on the same day just a different year. You would be proud of your family, Phoebe. God helped all your children through the experiences of losing their mother in their childhood.

May this Christmas season be Christ filled for everyone and continue throughout the year.