Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alone with God

I am alone with God this morning. When I woke up I didn't expect such a drawing from God to Him.

I have lots of time today to do anything I want. And I certainly planned to spend some time in the Word and in prayer. But I wasn't quite sure how this day would pan out. I don't have to be anywhere at all.

With my cup of tea in hand I retreated to my double rocking love seat to sprawl out with three different Bibles. The first thing that came to mind was an old hymn "Alone with God":

"When storms of life are round me beating, when rough the path that I have trod,
Within my closet door retreating, I love to be alone with God.

Alone with God the world forbidden,
Alone with God oh blest retreat!
Alone with God and in him hidden
To hold with Him communion sweet.

What tho the clouds have gathered o'er me? What tho I've passed beneath the rod?
God's perfect will there lies before me, When I am thus alone with God

Tis there I find new strength for duty, as o'er the sands of time I plod
I see the King in all His beauty, while resting there alone with God."

Friday, November 4, 2011

God: Our Masada fortress

I am so thankful for God, who never changes, never forsakes us. As it says in I Peter chapter 1, I have an inheritance that is not corruptible that I rejoice in even though I may be in heaviness through mulitiple problems.

We have been doing a Bible study on Thursday evenings about the Jewish culture with a video of teachings done directly in Israel. Believers faced many persecutions with a determination to be steadfast for God in spite of it.

It doesn't matter what scary things we are facing or experiencing: treatments for life threatening sickness, fighting in another country, going through the day to day stress of work, crushed by family break ups and the list goes on and on. God has grace and wisdom for everyone of them. God is our "Masada", the fortress rock in Israel by the Dead Sea.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Wild Plum Tea Room

Our daughters sent us to TN for a two night stay for our 38th anniversary. We leisurely spent our time. One of the places we visited was a lovely tea room:  "The Wild Plum Tea Room" in Gatlinburg. 

The welcoming sign.

Here is me on a bench outside the entrance.

A part of the lovely garden at the side.

Another view of the garden.

The menu for the day.

A view of the outdoor seating.

A charming table inside.

Another outside decor, a large vendor cart.

My husband was so sweet to visit here with me. Here he is with our menus.

He ordered the salad of the day. It was a scrumptious pea salad with a taste of horse radish. Of course, I helped him eat it. I will need to search for the recipe as I did not purchase a cookbook.

My plum tea was so refreshing and relaxing. I had several cups! His was served cold.

I chose the cheddar chablis soup. So good.

We gave in and tried a dessert. This was  peaches with a sauce. pound cake on the bottom, ice cream in the middle and whipped topping. Mmmmmm.

Mine was an amaretto bread pudding. You can also see husbands glass of iced plum tea.

A part of the serving area across the aisle from us.

Dishes for sale.  I resisted a purchase.

One of the hostesses said it was an Austrian tea room and invited me to go upstairs where there was more seating.  They were hosting a bridal shower up there the next day.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting The Wild Plum Tea Room with me today. If you are ever in the area look it up.

I am sharing with Lady Katherine today @ Lady Katherine Tea Time Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dew of Heaven

How do I begin this. Words escape me to describe the blessings of waking up and in prayer having the dew of heaven soak into my soul from God. It is wonderful to be led by still waters in a green pasture as Psalm 23 states. It continues on, He restores my soul, anoints my head with oil, prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies. That lets me know that even when things are not always right in our world we can still be blessed by God, pampered, fed spiritually and listen to the rippling brook of His presence and be calmed and assured.

"You are my hiding place,
You always fill my heart with songs of deliverance;
Whenever I am afraid,
I will trust in You.
Let the weak say, 
"I am strong in the strength of the Lord!"

Words by Michael Ledner

What a wonderful way to start the day.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Time Ever Surprise

This morning I woke up to a First Time Ever Surprise! I walked into the bathroom and to the left is my bathtub. This is what I saw:

He was on my bathmat and had left a trail. I have never known of a place that a mouse could not escape. But evidently a tub with slanted sides is one of them too slippery to climb.

My mat is not that old, a pretty one with positive sayings. But when I looked again, behold he had nibbled on the side. That mean little creature.  Evidently he read some of the sayings but this one did not help him get out so he started chewing trying to remove it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tea Time with a New Tea Pot

I am finally getting to share my new teapot that is a Mother's Day gift from Lori, Julie and Clay.

First a clearing and rearranging of the kitchen. Then a hunt for a good tea menu. The cupboards are far from bare but it is the end of the month...before payday......mnnnnn.

Well I always have some kind of tea bags on hand. So I chose a regular decaf tea and selected a "chocolate mint" tea leaf  to float on the top of my tea . These are growing in a planter outside. I purchased a plant in early spring and nearly killed it waiting to plant it outside. But alas it did come back to life and is starting to spread.

Next, a slice of whole grain bread with butter and strawberry jam. Then a poached egg and some corn meal mush like my dad used to make us for breakfast.

Now for the setting with my new tea pot.

This setting includes my teapot which is a pottery piece from a lady's fair that included entrepreneurs of various trades. I have also included a Thomas Kinkade tea mug that "lights up" when filled with hot water.
I used my country cannisters and some small mingtree ironstone bowls given to me by my sister in law
 several years ago. The place mat is a pretty tea setting picture that came from K-mart.

I enhanced the color a bit here to catch the pretty blue of the teapot.

What a fun start to a Saturday morning. Tuesday I hope to link to Lady Katherine's Tea.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Second Post of the Day

I am full of rejoicing to be home from work. Traveled down the road home to praise songs playing loudly on a CD. At work the guys pushed to get one final semi truck unloaded with me tagging each piece at our newly leased warehouse. Whoooo! am I glad to be home!

Played with the dogs, Fatz and Charlie. Lori had them in the house for a few minutes. Oh and I need to share a funny note: when I left home after lunch today, I walked out to my car, Charlie started barking at me like I was a stranger walking into the yard. Then I noticed Fatz in the smaller dog house (that is not his regular) and then Charlie walks in with him. It is raining. Fatz proceeds to leave and go to his own dog house. Charlie follows him. Poor Fatz. I feel for him. I know what it feels like to just want to be by yourself. Charlie just can't seem to leave Fatz's side.  ;o)

May Post

I miss blogging and I thought I should get in a post for May before it ends. I have had a checkup today at the Dr. So left work to go and lunch sounded good since I missed breakfast, so afterwards home (5 minutes away) sounded good. Had a few minutes to talk with dear husband before he left with our pastor. Heated a bowl of chili made by dear husband. And sat down to do a bit of reading on the computer.

It is raining quite extensively outside just now. We have had many severe thunderstorms this spring. More than I can ever remember since living in NC the past 14 years. Thankfully, nothing serious has happened at our house but it has to others in our county and in other states.

We had a great women's conference. And we are proceeding with a "steering committee" at our newly formed worship group. There are around 30 to 40 of us meeting in what we jokingly call our "underground" church. Some fellow believers have graciously and excitedly offered their finished basement for our worship gatherings.

Mothers Day gifts included a beautiful new teapot that I must photograph and join in on a Tuesday Tea Time post very soon. My roses are blooming nicely and I have several herbs growing again this year.

Well time tells me I must return to work.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lady's Conference

I am awake due to a severe thunderstorm that has finally simmered down. Have you ever had a storm turn on a touch lamp? Sometimes that happens to the one on my bed. I woke up to lightning and strong winds and the light was on.Thankfully, it is quiet now.

A lady's conference is being held May 7 hosted by our pastor's wife at their home on Lake James. We just took Ross and Mary there for lunch today before they headed back home. Pastor Don and his wife Barbara are such great encouragers!   Hosting and making people feel right at home is their specialty. The conversation turned to people that have visited. Don said one time a friend of his got together the group of mothers and children from the battered shelter and brought them over to the house for a picnic and playing in the water. There's always someone they're reaching out to and I am so glad God brought our paths together.

Anyway, back to the conference. We are going to have local speakers and Barbara asked me to get some worship songs together. God has already been plugging ideas in my mind. It will be an all day event. There is comfortable seating all over their home that has an over view of the lake along with decks and chairs outside. I know we are going to have a great worship time and I am so excited! What I need to do is share pictures on here.

Well I had better try to get some more sleep. I get to get a tooth crown at 8:00 am and then I need a clear mind to finish some inventory reports.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Truly Blessed

What a busy time at work! So much so that I had to be away from home while some of my wonderful family from Ohio was visiting. But so thankful for the wonderful supper that I came home to last night, fixed by my great husband and daughters. Ross and Mary had us all laughing in no time and it was heartwarming to receive their hugs.

Needed at work again today. :( A Saturday of inventory reports, auditors and questions.I was exhausted last night, in bed at 10 but awake at 3. Finally got up for some hot tea, eggs and toast, facebook and blog. Now it is 5 o'clock.

Rick has an appointment for a check up with a "disability doctor" this morning. Keep him in your prayers. It is supposedly a routine thing that happens every several years.  Kind of like being picked for an audit! Don't we feel special! I guess the bagful of medicine, high rx bills and doctors reports on low lung capacity like an 85 year old just aren't enough.

But "God's sweet grace has strengthened us time after time. So don't be afraid of the mountain cause friend you were born to climb." "Oh the mountain is high and the road up the side is much steeper than you thought it would be. You're out of breath you're scared half to death that you won't have the faith to believe. But grace, sweet grace, has strengthened you time after time." "God has not given you a spirit of fear or a burden that's too hard to bear. Right when you think that all hope may be fading, BEHOLD THE LORD'S STANDING RIGHT THERE!"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Another pretty day!!!!!"

    • On March 21, 2010, 18 year Anna Coons died as a result of a tragic horseback riding accident. Just 4 days prior, on March 17, she posted her last facebook status that said “Another pretty day!!!!!”. In honor of her memory and positive outlook on life, on Thursday, March 17, 2011, friends are posting the same expression on our fb status.. Anna Coons – God’s Angel

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Childhood Memories

Sweetie Pie / Hunny Bunch Hollow Chocolate Bunnies

Today I went into the Dollar store. That brings a memory in itself. My favorite store used to be the five and dime store in downtown Urbana. Today the store was full of Easter candy that made me feel like a longing kid.

My mother used to make me and my siblings each our own individual Easter basket. It usually had a variety of hand picked treats. I still love those hollow chocolate rabbits that have a name on the box like "Binky" with candy eyes.

Sugar Egg
Have you ever seen one of these sugar eggs with a cardboard scene inside? We would have one of those, too.

And speaking of the five and dime store, they would have baby chicks and ducks for sale right on the counter in the middle of the store.

What favorite memories do you have? Please share them in your comments. I would love to hear from you.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday with the Fam, I think it was for Julie's birthday!

Ok, I was thinking of the tune "Saturday, at the park, I think it was the 4th of July....I've been waiting such a long time, for today!" Great day, starting with Lori fixing breakfast for Julie and me. It was an extension of Julie's birthday that Lori had planned. Then off to our first time of a manicure/pedicure. It was a nice one time thing for us to do. Smooth feet, cuticles removed from hands. I've never been one to take time to make anything special of my nails except clean of course.

Then across town to an antique store for a look/see. Then back into town to meet Rick for a special lunch and on to a small garden/landscape show in town, eyeing those garden and flower plants to get ready for spring.

Next stop, home and song practice and some fun together with the instruments. And on to be some with some friends at their church to hear about their missionary trip to Jamaica. It was an encouragement and a continuing of what God has been quietly speaking to me about.

The stories of the Jamaican Christians  being hungry for the Word of God, and tracts about Jesus. Excited about reading them and happy though their means of living is very meager or severely handicapped. How many people in America are that hungry for God, even in churches? We have so much in America compared to them, yet what we have can become idols because of the time spent with all we do have and leaving God for last.

For any who read this, having a personal experience with Jesus in your heart is more important than anything else we can do. It is not enough to say we believe in Him, but to believe in Him enough to ask forgiveness for sins and follow Him with all our heart and do what He asks of us.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Work and Tea Time

Monday I was chosen to be one to get up bright and early and go to our showroom in High Point to count inventory. Two of us went and two of the ladies at the showroom worked with us. In speaking with the one  who manages the showroom,  I have suggested that  we have a ladies tea at the showroom.  Things are always either too busy at the plant or a market going on at the showroom and the tea has only been dreamed about. The 60ish, proper, very strong Southern drawl manager is a delight. So when I learned I was to be there on Monday I thought I should prepare a tea time treat even if we didn't get to have a full tea.

So I baked some blueberry pecan bread, placed it in a basket along with some tea bags. I didn't tell her I was bringing it. To my surprise when I got there and presented it to her she said she had brought in one of her special tea cups for me to use that day.

We didn't get to use it till later in the afternoon. She had been experiencing throat problems, so while the other   girls were busy at another building counting, we sneaked and had our tea.She really wanted me to use her cup so I did. It was a beautiful blue cup that sat on a teapot. Her daughter, who lives in Belgium had bought it for her in Poland. I wish I had taken a picture of it, at least with my cell phone camera.

The tea and bread were enjoyed and then we continued on clearing up inventory problems. It wasn't long until the other girls came back. We tried to fool them into thinking we had been busy working the whole time they were gone.  But they suspected that we had had our tea and we confessed we had.

The surprise tea was a nice addition to a hard working day. And we all get to enjoy lunch together  at the Grateful Bread with scrumptious home made soup, and a 3 cheese grilled sandwich on their famous "bird seed bread".

I am thankful for the blessings God gave me on a day that I was very tempted to dread and for keeping us safe on the long drive home.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tales of Another Generation, Part I

My mother wrote some family history when she was alive. I thought I would share a little of the tales of another generation.

"It all started when my niece was born in 1931 in a small town in Ohio. I went to stay to help with the baby. There were a few houses on one side of the gravel road. Other children lived around, including a boy staying with his siblings and parents in his grandmother's house.

In the evening the kids would be out playing hide and seek, kick the bucket, etc. One evening we were playing hide and seek and I put ice down that boys neck.  He said that was the start of us getting together.

I wasn't helping with the baby very long but we would come back to visit and the kids in the neighborhood would all play together. When Daddy and Mother moved to a different house, that boy would visit me there.

He worked in a different town and would have to catch the trolley on a Friday night and catch it again to go back on Sunday night.One Sunday night he was leaving our house, ran down the alley, turned the corner and ran into a lady and knocked her down. He said he didn't even stop and help her. He would have missed the trolley if he had.

School was out and I was helping someone with some house cleaning. Well, D (that boy I used to play with) asked my brother if he could borrow his car. D wanted us to go the next state and get married. We talked to some friends and they told us where to go and where the minister lived who married them. My brother let him have the car, a little red convertible with donut tires. He came to where I was cleaning and got me and we were on our way. Nobody knew we were going but my brother.

We found the ministers house. His wife and some one else were the witnesses. We drove back to Ohio. I don't remember stopping to eat anywhere. He was 22 and I was 16.

When we got back we didn't get the best welcome.  Mother and Daddy didn't think much of some of his family, so that didn't go so well with me marrying into it.

My sister fixed a nice meal and gave me some dishes from her cupboard. D's dad told him not to bring me to his house to keep. Some of Mother and Daddy's friends gave us a shower.

D's aunt said he could bring me down there.  We fixed a kitchen on her enclosed back porch.  We bought a table, 4 chairs, a utility cupboard and a cabinet for a 2 burner hot plate. We used the bedroom D had slept in there. We lived there till October. The back porch wasn't heated so we had to move.  We walked and walked but didn't find anything suitable for the money we could afford. So my brother let us move in his 2 rooms upstairs. There was no water and no bathroom upstairs. They didn't have a bathroom downstairs either. It was a path out the back door."

February Morning

Rick is hosting a Bibles study this morning with breakfast. He had asked me the other day if I would fix my sausage gravy before I went to work. I gladly accepted. So I have been up early this morning, actually before the alarm went off. The gravy making went off well. Two skillets of Bob Evans sausage gravy. Home made of course! I love using Bob Evans sausage and don't like to substitute any other. It contains no grease.

Well, the gravy is now in the crock pot and I am ready to eat a biscuit myself, the cook's privilege. I took a picture of the gravy but it did not turn out. Rick teased me and said "Oh no, now she's taking a picture of gravy." He said he loved my mom's gravy but never wanted to take a picture of it (He loves mine, too.) But I said my family will look at this picture of gravy after I'm gone and wish they had some! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy North Carolina

When we first moved to NC 13 years ago, I would never have guessed we would be having snow days ; )  I loved the one today. It actually caught us in time for them to cancel work! I was so glad I didn't have to spend the day in the office. Mentally I felt like a new person.

I did some work on my closet, then paused to place a few pieces into my puzzle. Dusted a bit while talking on the phone.

Later this afternoon, Lori and I took a walk. Well, actually I waked and she, yes she rode her bicycle!

I then tried my hand once again at making a recipe of biscuits. The dough tasted great. It had cheese in it. But they didn't look to great coming out of the oven.  So I did not bother to take a picture for anyone to see.  Edible.  But I have never been able to make fluffy biscuits unless I open a can from the store! But I also made a chicken pot pie. It was a nice supper for  a snowy day.