Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well here I am again awake. Slept for about an hour then seemed to have indigestion and couldn't go back to sleep. I have been enjoying my granddaughter Allie Jane and any extra time I have I go see her. Thankful to God for the joy she brings. To her I am Grammy and I love it. She is 5 weeks old now and "talking" to me when I talk to her in my high pitched Grammy baby voice. I love singing little songs to her. She was born in the same month as my grandaughter Ericca who is now 10. Ericca and her brother Seth who is 16 got in their snuggles a couple of weeks ago, along with dad Eric. Isn't she a cutie? I want to enjoy each stage with her but I am already planning on having Grammy tea parties! Now let me see, how soon can I start? I guess we can have pretend tea with an empty cup. I'll have to go searching for the right tea set. Do they have baby rattlers that look like a tea cup? Off to search before I go back to bed. Can't get these pictures and words to place correctly and I give up.