Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wonderstruck again!

It has been such an awwwwesommme day of worship and prayer and.........whohoo!

Started yesterday and here is a quick timeline:

God inspired "prayer box" like a recipe box for my prayer burdens. First time I used it yesterday morning and a God inspired prayer enveloped me and He blessed me all day.

Wonderstruck Sunday School lesson today on being wonderstruck by prayer. Try praying in brief 3 or 4 word phrases concentrating on your request without a bunch of "filler words".  You don't have to pray like this all the time but boy does it help you to focus and not have mindless prayers. Praying for a couple in our class who are certain God is going to answer prayer about the husband's recently diagnosed cancer in his neck.

Wonderful worship service with lots of praise, inspiring message, prayer at the alter and rejoicing closing song.  I received more than I prayed for yesterday. :)

Started instrumental worship practise playing my flute with a group.  Always wanted to learn real worship instrumental music.

Wonderful time at evening Bible study on prayer.  God gave the 2nd confirmation on a prayer request that we have had for years. Men and women were teary eyed as we learned and relearned how important prayer is over top of everything else we do for God. Closed with great heartfelt prayer for each others soul burdens.

I tried to go to bed on time so I can get up early to go to gym before work. But I'm just bubbling's's's bubbling in my soul. So here I am up again.

Ok...I'm starting to feel sleepy......