Saturday, June 29, 2013

Milestones: God's Been Good

Reviewing a few things in my mind this morning:

1.  I turn 60 this year! Wow! I think that number sounds so young this year :)

2.  Rick and I will be married 40 years on August 17! Wow! We had a Christmas picture where we had a chalkboard that said something like "It gets better with age."
God has blessed us so much to have each other.

3.  It dawned on me that I need to remember my spiritual birthday! 45 years old this year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Thank you to the Peters who spent time with me to show me the way to God. Boy, God has had a lot of patience and teaching to do in these years. As I said recently, I can't believe how many times He has had to adjust my GPS when I got off track. But I love Him so and wouldn't want my life without Him.

     My thoughts this morning turned to the importance of not the number of 45 years in my spiritual life but what have I accomplished in those years. Not as much as I would like. I have always considered myself to have the "gift of helps" as stated in I Cor 12:28.
     Paul said in I Cor 3 that some plant, some water, some sow, but God gives the increase. I am not pushy with the gospel.  I know what it has done for me and rejoice in how real God is to me every day. I hope others will want that same relationship that God so willingly offers:  to wipe out our past when we ask forgiveness, every day to have Him as our leader and guide and a glorious home in heaven. Hallelujah!