Monday, July 12, 2010

Teapot Arrangement

I'm a little teapot short and stout

Here is my handle, Here is my spout

When I get all steamed up here me shout

Just tip me over and pour me out

Did you ever sing that little song and perform the motions?


Today I am sharing my teapots with garden arrangements. Would it win a prize at the county fair? Probably not. But I like the looks of it on my table.

This teapot has rosemary. I don't think I have ever smelled a more fragrant herb. There is also some English thyme in the spout and a marigold in with the rosemary.

More thyme in this teapot.

Some friends invited us to pick blueberries last Thursday evening. We picked 2 gallons at the end of the evening after the sun was not so hot.

Join Lady Katherine for Tea Time Tuesday and take a look at what her guests are sharing today.

Now if I can just get everyone in the house out of the habit of piling things on my table and keep it looking like this! It is a full time job!

Something else to share:  we had a good time singing at the cowboy church tonight!  God blessed us with a slightly cooler evening for it was in a horse arena that was under cover but open air.  The crowd was certainly   encouraging, a good gospel message and we were able to share the gospel in song. Looking forward to more blessings this week. Have a great week everyone.