Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dream Tea

If I had my choice of a beautiful sofa on which to invite you to share 
   tea it would be this one. It is the Savannah Sofa in the Carol Bolton line made by E. J. Victor. 
And I would place this Elizabeth Cocktail Table  right in front of the sofa with a tray of tea..

And I would add this Flip Top End Table and this Stairstep Table.

Stairstep End Table

And I would serve you stuffed cucumbers and tea on my very best china.

All furniture is made by E. J. Victor and can be found at  ejvictor.com. You may take a tour of teas at Tea Time Tuesday hosted by Lady Katherine.


  1. This is just delightful! What a respite and a pretty, welcoming and yummy looking tea you have laid before us; thankyou for sharing this!..,I especially enjoy the blue and white teacup with the pretty lace!

    You are also most warmly invited to pop by for a visit to enjoy some 'afternoon tea and treats' for my, 28th,'Tuedsay Tea For Two', weekly blog tea party meme, also as well, (at the same blog),for my, 19th,'Wednesday Tea For Me Thee' weekly blog tea party meme; each are held at my, 'The Plumed Pen' blog..,

    Next week I also am going to host these little blog tea parties; my Wednesday Tea will be my 20th and there will be prizes and many delightful surprises as well!~I do hope you can join me then as well as now..,

    The 'tea kettle is on and the scones are warm and ready'!.., Come on over!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  2. I would love to sit and have tea with you on that beautiful couch!

  3. Oh My! The sofa looks almost like the one in my parlor! I adore the round pillows on this sofa. I now have a throw on it that is the same pattern this sofa has. lol It is waiting on me to recover. I recovered it years ago, now it need it again! The cucumber sandwiches are wonderful! The tea cup I think I have too! So pretty with the doily1 Are I have one similar! But not the plate. Love the choices you have shown! For you have all the things I love! Thank you for your sweet comment and for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday again! I keep eying the pie the pie on your side bar! How wonderful it looks! The edges of the crust are so pretty!

  4. Thanks for the invite. I'll be right over! :o)

  5. Hello Jane...

    Ohhh...what fun you must have had...preparing this tea for us! The sofa is absolutely gorgeous, isn't it! My friend Gloria from Happy To Be blog...has this same style of furniture. She has several settees that remind me of the one you chose! Ahhh...I would love to have one like this too! I love, love, LOVE that stair-step end table...that's fabulous! I've never seen one like that before! I was just thinking about all of the pretty vignettes that you could do on the stair steps...would be sooo pretty! Well my friend, you set an absolutely delightful tea...thank you!!!

    I wanted to come by to say thank you for your recent visit to Happy To Design! I was just tickled pink that you stopped in to help me celebrate my Sunday Favorites "One Year" birthday! I really enjoyed your sweet notes and well wishes, my friend! I'm so honored and humbled that you added my little blog to your list of blog follows...it was so very nice to meet you, Jane!!!

    You mentioned that you loved the idea of being able to share an old post...once again! I hope that you'll come and join us for a Sunday Favorites party! I'd love to have you, my friend!

    Have a wonderful day and best wishes with the gift card giveaway!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  6. What a nice sofa -- it has such a wonderful antique look to it! And there is nothing like a cup of tea!

    Thanks for visiting Linderhof!