Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Childhood Memories

Sweetie Pie / Hunny Bunch Hollow Chocolate Bunnies

Today I went into the Dollar store. That brings a memory in itself. My favorite store used to be the five and dime store in downtown Urbana. Today the store was full of Easter candy that made me feel like a longing kid.

My mother used to make me and my siblings each our own individual Easter basket. It usually had a variety of hand picked treats. I still love those hollow chocolate rabbits that have a name on the box like "Binky" with candy eyes.

Sugar Egg
Have you ever seen one of these sugar eggs with a cardboard scene inside? We would have one of those, too.

And speaking of the five and dime store, they would have baby chicks and ducks for sale right on the counter in the middle of the store.

What favorite memories do you have? Please share them in your comments. I would love to hear from you.


  1. I love those sugar eggs too. Grandma didn't just give them to her kids, she gave to the grandkids too. I miss those. We'll have to find us some. Your memories made me think about that time you and dad gave Lori & I baby chicks one year. We raised them until they were full grown and then took them to someone's farm.

  2. Wow, my memory is blank on the baby chick story. I know Jana and I got baby ducks one year and raised Daisy and Donald until the neighbor Dr's dog bit into them. They recovered but we took them to a farm after that.