Saturday, April 2, 2011

Truly Blessed

What a busy time at work! So much so that I had to be away from home while some of my wonderful family from Ohio was visiting. But so thankful for the wonderful supper that I came home to last night, fixed by my great husband and daughters. Ross and Mary had us all laughing in no time and it was heartwarming to receive their hugs.

Needed at work again today. :( A Saturday of inventory reports, auditors and questions.I was exhausted last night, in bed at 10 but awake at 3. Finally got up for some hot tea, eggs and toast, facebook and blog. Now it is 5 o'clock.

Rick has an appointment for a check up with a "disability doctor" this morning. Keep him in your prayers. It is supposedly a routine thing that happens every several years.  Kind of like being picked for an audit! Don't we feel special! I guess the bagful of medicine, high rx bills and doctors reports on low lung capacity like an 85 year old just aren't enough.

But "God's sweet grace has strengthened us time after time. So don't be afraid of the mountain cause friend you were born to climb." "Oh the mountain is high and the road up the side is much steeper than you thought it would be. You're out of breath you're scared half to death that you won't have the faith to believe. But grace, sweet grace, has strengthened you time after time." "God has not given you a spirit of fear or a burden that's too hard to bear. Right when you think that all hope may be fading, BEHOLD THE LORD'S STANDING RIGHT THERE!"


  1. Hope things went well for you both today! Looking forward to our time together tonight. Love you Mom!

  2. I'm sending love and prayers your way. I hope things get easier for you. How nice to have a visit with Ross & Mary. I think about you every time I see a pretty blue teacup as I did today. Love you all.