Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things Are Piling Up Around Here

Today I am feeling more in touch with my mother. No...not through some strange experience. The realization of how much she did while taking care of my Dad, sewing for a living, cooking meals, handling the finances and still doing for others including her children and grandchildren. She just didn't have time for everything. Yes, some things were piling up that she didn't have time to sort through. Which is why I feel so in touch with her. Things are piling up around here that I don't have time to get done. Rick is doing so well from his surgery but naturally not up to doing a lot. Plus we are working on trying to eat healthier which requires some time and organization to plan healthy meals, make grocery lists, shop, put the groceries away. Then fix what you've bought. He used to do most of the grocery shopping and cooking. Plus the million other chores he did. But I am so thankful to God that Rick is here and there was no heart damage. God has certainly blessed us. When I look at that big scar on his chest it is amazing to think what a surgeon did. It is so hard to fathom.

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  1. We certainly learned many lessons from our mother, without realizing it at the time or ever knowing how those lessons would be put to good use at some later point in our lives. How could she not feel completely overwhelmed at times with all that she had on her plate, yet never stop giving to anyone in need? How lucky we are for God to grace us with parents who provided a strong foundation in which to build our own lives on! Love you Jane.