Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pressure Wash

It is our month to clean the church and so last Saturday we decided that we would pressure wash the front porch. Actually, it was Rick who did the pressure washing along with Pastor James. While I was cleaning inside, they were cleaning outside. After they got the green yucky stuff off the porch rails, I guess one thing led to another and they began using the pressure washer on the front sidewalk. I had never thought the sidewalk was black, but once one square was clean the difference was like night and day. James mentioned how this had a spiritual application. We may think that things in our life are looking okay. But if we allow God to "pressure wash" us, he can show us things that we were blind to.

We get so used to seeing things a certain way we get in a rut. Then we are not open to the insights from God that are much brighter and bigger than our narrow view. The saying is if you do what you've always done you're going to get what you've always got.

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