Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blessed Weekend

I had some things I wanted to share on show and tell Friday but I can't get my pictures to transfer from my phone like I did before. I couldn't find Lori's camera and besides I had a busy weekend. It was a marathon race at work this week filling in at the AP office since that position is vacant. Saturday was a not busy day at the tax office. Not 1 customer. I took off early to prepare for the singing on Saturday evening. We had been preparing for it by brushing up on songs we had already learned.

There is an old church building that a couple fixed up for singings on Saturday night. Rick met them when he took an Ecoquest purifier there to clean up the musty building. We were invited to sing and have made some new Christian friends. Julie, Clay, Lori, Rick and I sang about 17 songs, mostly as a group but a few solos. Clay had a good solo "What You Took From Me" about being thankful not for what God has given but for what He took away, our sins! The song is a blessing because of the words and Clay does such a good job of putting himself into it and his life backs it up. Julie sang "A Greater Yes", a Whisnant song. It has a great message also about when we pray and don't get the answer we want God has a greater yes. It is a blessing. We had some songs featuring Lori on the verses. She is such a blessing and has a lot of great talents. She plays the piano for us on some songs and also the guitar, which she played Sat. night for a duet she did with Julie. Lori also is a blessing on "He's Taking Care of Me" which we do accapella There was a good Spirit there. I sang the song "God's Been Good" that I shared the words here in a previous post. Rick is certainly a blessing as he leads the group and helps us all to do our best. The Lord certainly blessed him with the air to sing as we shared some old hymns like "O Happy Day" and "I'd Like to Talk It Over". We enjoy singing the arrangement of these as each part comes in at a different time and share a good message. Clay and Julie sang a duet "I'm Happy with You Lord" which has a catchy tune and message: I'm happy with you, are you happy with me. We sang several of our older ones which we have on a CD, "It's not so Hard to Praise Him", "God's Sunshine", "Shepherd in Search of a Lamb", "Special Grace" and "Handful of Weeds" We also shared a few others, "Tell What He's Done", "I Can Make It Through This Test", "There's Not Enough Time Here" and "Lovin' This Livin' For the Lord".

Our pastor, James Baker and his wife Suzanne also sang four songs and did a wonderful job with God's blessing. One he shared was "Somebody's Praying" that he was requested to repeat after an elderly gentlemen testified of how his mother's prayers had taken him through a war. He also sang "The Anchor Holds" and he and Suzanne sang "Roses will Bloom Again."

There were several exhortations brought and it was all just a blessing. In the times that we face, we need each other and I believe we are called upon to encourage and reach out to all people no matter what our backgrounds. People need to get to Jesus and once they get His connection the connection is between each other.

Have a blessed week.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time - a refreshing time. I could use one of those.

    Love you all,

  2. Those were alot of songs to sing! :) I'm glad everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves. I guess we'll look forward to seeing your pictures later... :) I can't get our phone to work that way either... Oh, well. ;)

  3. Wow-I'm geating dizzy! :o) No, not really. Hehehe. I had a great time too. It was refreshing, wasn't it?