Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dalmation Hotline Prayer Request

Does anyone remember on "101 Dalmations" how the dogs passed the word along all over England to help find the stolen puppies? That humorous thought just entered my mind concerning a very NON humorous situation. I may seem weird but I think it is just that in a time like this the GRACE OF GOD is SO AMAZING!

We have a very serious prayer request. Rick, my husband, has a mass in his upper right lung. As of right now, he has an appointment with a pulmonary specialist who will do a biopsy. We are seeing if there is a Dr. in a larger city on our insurance who could get him in sooner. So pass the word along for PRAYER.

Rick and I know that God does all things for His purpose. We have been doing some serious praying for some serious situations to be moved on and know that God can use this to move mountains and turn people's hearts. We talked last night and Rick is ready to go to heaven if that is God's plan.

God is, will be and has been good in my life.


  1. Mom- when Dad called me and told me the news the other day, I wanted to sit at my desk and cry. But I was at work and had to keep myself pulled together. I cried during praying time at church last night. I wanted to cry as I read your post today, but as I've been praying these past few days, I've just been asking God to help me Trust in Him in this and I know He is going to take care of Dad. "All things work together for good to those who love the Lord." -Romans 8:28 I choose to trust God. :o)

  2. Thanks for your support you sweetie!

  3. I'm with you we meet with our Lord who gives perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him, for my precious brother who's such a part of my heart. I just feel all our hearts entwined with God. Janie, thanks for being who you are, one of the most amazing help meets God ever created! Love you so much!

  4. I did leave a comment on your FB page, but I also wanted to comment here. We love and appreciate you and Bro. Rick. You were mine and David's mentors in a time when we needed guidance. More than that, you were and are our friends. We are praying that this situation will bring glory to God. All things WORK TOGETHER for our good. We are also asking God for mercy and healing on your behalf.

    I like the dalmation story. It reminds of the song that says, "If I tell two people, and they tell two people.....then God's great family will grow." We are here to help you bear this burden.


  5. Thanks for the encouragement and comments. Keep 'em comin'!

  6. Keeping your prayers with us as well. You should also take a look at They are doing something great. Connecting the world with the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Our mom was very sick and we lit a candle for her at the Church.

    God bless.

  7. We are praying for you and your family. You are such an inspiration to us. Please know that God has you in the palm of His blessed hand. You are not alone--God's people have surrounded you as vessels sending sacrifices of prayer to God above.
    We love you!

  8. Still praying for Rick, you & family. So thankful to hear Rick is feeling better and that you had such a beautiful bike ride Saturday. God is so good!

  9. Hi, my bestest friend Glenda told me about your blog and the beautiful music and wanted me to leave a comment... I love your blog.... Maybe you could give me a couple of tips. How to you do the music and group things together?. I love the prayer bench.... Have a blessed night and please check my blog out...

    God bless you, Elaine