Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fresh Basil

Growing fresh herbs has always been so inticing to me. My thumbs are not green so it takes some extra effort. But I am so excited. It doesn't take much does it? To excite me I mean.

This year we planted basil, I should say Rick did, between some of our tomato plants because it is supposed to be good for keeping bugs away. And more important than that it is my favorite herb to use in cooking. Well here are the results of my first batch.

Here is some hanging in the kitchen that I picked this evening. My first batch that I previously picked was good and dry. And I was wondering what kitchen tool I already had on hand that would chop it fine enough. I chose my Pampered Chef chopper. It did a great job for the basil.

Here it is placed on some waxed paper ready to drop into my basil spice container. It smells wonderful. Sorry I can't pass on the fragrance.

Here is the rest of one plant that I cut from this evening.
Now to find something to cook this week to try it out. Maybe I will experiment with something I fix for Kathleen and Elwood for supper on Saturday.


  1. I love to smell basil, it is wonderful!!


  2. I made a Greek chicken dish for company today. It called for oregano, I was out. I used my crushed basil. Smelled and tasted delicious.