Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden Tea Time

 Lady Katherine has been sharing her lovely rose garden teas on Teatime Tuesday. I am sharing my, I should say our, gardens. Rick started the first rows of broccoli, cabbage and lettuce. Then Lori made a beautiful patch of squash with a few cucumbers.

Then Rick planted beans and tomatoes. The tomatoes are slower but we hope to have a good crop.  We have planted basil between the tomatoes again this year. It helps keep bugs away and basil is my favorite herb. 

Then, I was so excited when a neighbor, Jeff, got us some free wooden boxes from his work. Jeff and Rick double stacked them, put a lid on the bottom level and filled the second level with good dirt. They set up 3 like this side by side. Now I have an herb garden that is almost waist high.I can keep it weeded very easily. Since it is close to the house I can clip some off any time I want to use some in a recipe. I have learned how wonderfully fragrant the rosemary is. I also planted some purple basil which isn't very tall yet. And some thyme and chives. One of the beds grows only asparagus. It will not be picked this year to allow for better growth.

Here is some mint and cilantro. 

Out by the herb beds we have 2 wooden work tables that we got free. Rick painted them and we can use them for working with plants or serving food when we have a barbecue. It was getting late tonight but I hurried and set up a tea to share.
The tablecloth was one my mother made with farm scenes. I have shared some of my veggies from the garden (except the Tommy toes were from the store).The veggies are on a farm scene plate. I have decaf green mint tea in the carafe. I discovered  the carafe is great for keeping tea hot for many hours if it starts out very hot. The flowers are violas I purchased from Cottage Gardens down the road from us. 

Here is my country bowl with packages of seeds.

I was pleased to get in the mail a Mother's Day gift from my son in Ohio. It is a tapestry that was just right for this time of the year.

This pretty flowery cup is one I picked up from Mom's house a few months ago.
This sun bonnet is one my daughter got for me in Amish country. I haven't worn it, yet, but I may in the garden this summer. Maybe I'll get my picture taken with it and a pitchfork in my hand just for fun.


  1. Hi Jane, You certainly have a nice garden growing here! I like the idea of raised beds- so much easier to work in. Your table is set so sweetly. I like your cute idea of placing the seed packets in the bowl. Thanks for stopping by to visit. It's always fun to meet new friends in these blog parties.
    ;-) Sue

  2. Your garden looks great, and love your table outside. that tablecloth is so cool!!!
    Blessings, Beth

  3. Enjoyed coming to your tea today, although I am a bit late. :o) Wish my garden looked as well and plentiful as yours. Love ya Mom.

  4. Your garden is lovely! I wish that I was able to grow vegetables and flowers but I have only got a tiny garden. I will admire yours from afar!

    Best wishes,

  5. I just love, love the tablecloth! Oh, how wonderful your garden grows! My husband has planted six gardens! I need to start getting ready for harvest! Your boxes are so wonderful for an herb garden! I love herbs so much! The tapestry is so pretty! Now, tell your daughter, I want a sunbonnet from the Amish! lol I have two bonnets I made, with dresses to match for when I would do a weaving or spinning demonstration. Have a Tea and wear your bonnet! I would love to see it! Thank you for joining me again for Tea Time Tuesday. I enjoyed so much looking at your wonderful Teas!