Monday, June 7, 2010

Cowboy Tea

I couldn't resist having a cowboy tea just so I could share a couple of items with you. It is not an elegant tea. But what kind of tea would a cowboy have on the trail? And it just so happened that my husband had fixed the perfect items for supper to put with it. OK so it's not your normal tea but it is fun. I have so enjoyed old items that belonged to my mother. Here is one of her vintage aprons. It has Cowboy couples having a doesy doe.

Here is a close up of one of the couples at the barn dance.

I chose the apron to set up a cowboy tea. A cowboy couple always has beans and cornbread by the campfire with their mug of tea.

The boots are ones that were mine as a child. I think they have weathered many a pretend roundups and probably a few county fairs hanging around the horse barns just to see what was going on.

For more tea parties, head on down the trail to Lady Katherine's for the Southern Belles tea party and Teatime Tuesday.. You may need to dress up a bit though. Rough old boots may need to be traded for proper Teatime Tuesday outfits. 


  1. This is so original and I love it! Beautiful apron!...Christine

  2. What a positively wonderful tea!!


    P.S. LOVE the boots. Wish I had saved mine from childhood :)

  3. I feel like joining in on the square dance'n myself. :o) Love the tea idea that you used for today.

  4. I LOVE your barn dance apron! And childhood boots. Cornbread is one of my favorite things to eat! Fun post!!!

  5. Now that was a fun post! Love it!


  6. Now how cute is that!