Friday, February 11, 2011

February Morning

Rick is hosting a Bibles study this morning with breakfast. He had asked me the other day if I would fix my sausage gravy before I went to work. I gladly accepted. So I have been up early this morning, actually before the alarm went off. The gravy making went off well. Two skillets of Bob Evans sausage gravy. Home made of course! I love using Bob Evans sausage and don't like to substitute any other. It contains no grease.

Well, the gravy is now in the crock pot and I am ready to eat a biscuit myself, the cook's privilege. I took a picture of the gravy but it did not turn out. Rick teased me and said "Oh no, now she's taking a picture of gravy." He said he loved my mom's gravy but never wanted to take a picture of it (He loves mine, too.) But I said my family will look at this picture of gravy after I'm gone and wish they had some! :)


  1. :o) Your gravy comment about the picture made me smile. Even chuckle. Gravy is not the only thing we'll miss when your gone. Love you!

  2. Cracker Barrel just can't measure up!