Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Work and Tea Time

Monday I was chosen to be one to get up bright and early and go to our showroom in High Point to count inventory. Two of us went and two of the ladies at the showroom worked with us. In speaking with the one  who manages the showroom,  I have suggested that  we have a ladies tea at the showroom.  Things are always either too busy at the plant or a market going on at the showroom and the tea has only been dreamed about. The 60ish, proper, very strong Southern drawl manager is a delight. So when I learned I was to be there on Monday I thought I should prepare a tea time treat even if we didn't get to have a full tea.

So I baked some blueberry pecan bread, placed it in a basket along with some tea bags. I didn't tell her I was bringing it. To my surprise when I got there and presented it to her she said she had brought in one of her special tea cups for me to use that day.

We didn't get to use it till later in the afternoon. She had been experiencing throat problems, so while the other   girls were busy at another building counting, we sneaked and had our tea.She really wanted me to use her cup so I did. It was a beautiful blue cup that sat on a teapot. Her daughter, who lives in Belgium had bought it for her in Poland. I wish I had taken a picture of it, at least with my cell phone camera.

The tea and bread were enjoyed and then we continued on clearing up inventory problems. It wasn't long until the other girls came back. We tried to fool them into thinking we had been busy working the whole time they were gone.  But they suspected that we had had our tea and we confessed we had.

The surprise tea was a nice addition to a hard working day. And we all get to enjoy lunch together  at the Grateful Bread with scrumptious home made soup, and a 3 cheese grilled sandwich on their famous "bird seed bread".

I am thankful for the blessings God gave me on a day that I was very tempted to dread and for keeping us safe on the long drive home.

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  1. Glad your day wasn't too dreadful then. Sounds like it turned out nice. :o)