Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alone with God

I am alone with God this morning. When I woke up I didn't expect such a drawing from God to Him.

I have lots of time today to do anything I want. And I certainly planned to spend some time in the Word and in prayer. But I wasn't quite sure how this day would pan out. I don't have to be anywhere at all.

With my cup of tea in hand I retreated to my double rocking love seat to sprawl out with three different Bibles. The first thing that came to mind was an old hymn "Alone with God":

"When storms of life are round me beating, when rough the path that I have trod,
Within my closet door retreating, I love to be alone with God.

Alone with God the world forbidden,
Alone with God oh blest retreat!
Alone with God and in him hidden
To hold with Him communion sweet.

What tho the clouds have gathered o'er me? What tho I've passed beneath the rod?
God's perfect will there lies before me, When I am thus alone with God

Tis there I find new strength for duty, as o'er the sands of time I plod
I see the King in all His beauty, while resting there alone with God."

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  1. Great post. The second verse of the song reminded me of the Hawaiian service we were in yesterday. The lesson was on "Guidance- Out of Egypt". The pastor talked about the mysterious workings of God's guidance and His will for our lives. He made a comment that really stuck to me. He said, "As our lives seem to flow so perfectly, God often will change things up on us. A mysterious working of His guidance and will for our lives." Another thought he brought out was, "Don't let the world squeeze your form. Let God mold you." (From Rom. 12:1-2) Main scripture reading was from Matthew 2:19-23.