Thursday, April 5, 2012

Granddaughter Excitement

Excitement is my inward feelings these last few weeks. We are expecting our 5th grandchild, a girl, in the next couple of weeks. My daughter has been so gracious in letting us be involved with all the plans. She even picked out names for us: Grammy and Poppy, and made picture frames for us with the last ultrasound picture with Allie Jane seemingly smiling. She has let me feel Allie Jane kick. How neat! We have worked on making a cradle mattress. It is done. We have yet to complete "Momma rocker" seat and back pads. We made a crib skirt. And I am currently working on finishing a quilt with the help of a friend that has 6 embroidered squares of Mother Goose characters, which is the theme of the nursery. All of this is skills that I have not practised for years and I pray my way through each project. :}

I pray for a safe, great experince in labor and delivery. And I jokingly talk to Allie Jane and tell her when she is born to ask for Grammy Jane! I read her a story the other night and I have sang her songs. Of course, none of this compares with everything her mother is doing and will do for her. It's just an experience that I have not yet got to experience with my other grandchildren, although I love them dearly.

Their phases are great also, texting back and forth, seeing them say I love you. Watching their basketball game. That warms my heart.

Well, this is a great start to a long Easter weekend. Thanks for listening and God bless you.

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