Thursday, November 1, 2012

Close Call, Blessings from God

My husband had another close call with his heart the past few days. Having had bypass surgery in June and doing well, the chest pressure started again. Long story short, he had a stint put in today in an area that evidently had some scar tissue at the end of one of the bypasses. They went in through his wrist and placed a stint and was out in 1 hour and then back up to a room for an overnight stay for observation. Doing great, God is good. While waiting I dug into my Bible study workbook on the book of James. Chapter 5:11 "You have heard of the endurance of Job" which took us to Job 42. What a wonderful meditation! Thoughts on those verses that came while reading it: 1. God allowed Job to be tempted, even bragged on him to Satan,chapter 1 the Bible says Job was perfect, upright, feared God, hated evil. Yet 42:6 Job repented. Yes, even though we are God's children, we still repent when it is needful. Even though God instructs us to be holy and be careful about our talk and walk with Him, a Christian is never above repenting. 2. Verse 7 and 8, God chastises Jobs friends because according to God they had not spoken of God that which was right. He sent them to get animal offerings and go to Job, repenting and asking Job to pray for them. If not, He would deal with them after their folly. Verse 9 they followed through and did it and then God accepted them. Boy is this a good lesson from God on how humbly and sincerely that Christians should go before their brothers whom they have wronged and have not spoken the right words of God to and about their brother. And Job was so willing to pray for them and offer forgiveness once his friends came. 3. God blessed Job more than He had in the beginning. God did not withhold earthly blessings because He knew Job was humble enough to handle it. And as it was pointed out in the lesson, God bragged on Job. Imagine that bragging on a human. He loves us so and we owe Him so much.

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  1. Hi, Jane... may the the Lord give you strength and peace in these circumstances...