Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Acting alone for God

Yes this is my second post on the same day after not posting for a while. I have tried to post on some days and it just didn't seem like the thoughts were flowing for what I wanted to say so rather than bore you with something meaningless I opted to be quiet. But today 2 thoughts were coming that didn't seem to fit on the same post.

Let's meditate together on acting alone for God. I know God did not create us to be hermits, always by ourselves, although that lifestyle seems pretty tempting sometimes. But think of the many instances in the Bible where one person had to act on what God had told him alone, not a group of believers.

John the Baptist came to my mind first this morning. He had to tell Herod the truth about the adultry situation in Herod's family. The Bible didn't say anything about the believers getting together and discussing what ought to be done about confronting Herod with the situation. John told Herod himself and John was the only one beheaded for it. There wasn't a group of people arrested for conspiring against Herod. John acted alone for God on this one.

Abraham acted alone when God told him to sacrifice Isaac. Joseph alone had the dreams and told them to his family. And he was certainly alone on his journey from the the pit to the jail in Egypt to being second in command to Pharoah. Many of the disciples made decisions each day on what they faced for the day whether it was a healing, a rebuking of a liar, or facing a crowd of Pharisees with the truth. They didn't have a big conference asking believers if they should heal, how should they confront Annanias and Sapphira or if they should speak so plainly to the Pharisees.

The disciples didn't stay huddled up in a clique either. I looked up the word clique today. It means a select few, priveleged, splinter group, sect. They boldly went out to do God's business and they suffered for it. They didn't get permission from the Sanhedrin about where they were aloud to go or what they were aloud to do. Many times they acted alone for God. And they were marked and persecuted but they did a work for God. Their prayer life and Bible knowledge and closeness to God directed them to act on God's behalf.

Today many people feel they can't take a step one way or the other unless they have permission from some human. Even in society, Americans have the mind set that they need the government to tell them what to do and solve their problems.

Let us walk today with God in a way that we can act at His direction. It is amazing the vision He can give us when He helps us pull ourselves away from organized religion to think for ourselves.

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