Thursday, July 3, 2008

Surprise! Surprise!

I really got suprised today. About 2:30 this afternoon at work, one of my co-workers, Cheryl,called me and asked if I was really busy and could I please take the box of mail to our other building. She said that Tracy, who was covering that this week, needed to work on her May closing reports. I said sure. I went and ask Tracy exactly what I needed to do and proceeded to carry the box to the van, opened the passenger door, slid it in. As I proceeded to walk around to the driver side, there stood Rick, Julie and Lori. Rick said "Come on we're kidnapping you." I said "I can't I have to take this mail to the other building." He called to Cheryl (I didn't know she had come out the door after me) to help him out. She proceeded to take the mail back out of the van. The four of us got in Julie's View and took off. I kept asking questions but nobody would tell me anything. We ended up at the rest home where we have volunteered for almost 7 years. I knew they were having ice cream for the residents today. But my "3 family members" had a certain grin on their face and I suspected something else was going on. Sure enough, when the homemade ice cream was ready, Lisa, the activity director surprised me with a volunteer of the year plaque, 2 cards, an Ingles gift card and lots of nice words and hugs. I felt like crying. I never suspected that my "3 family members" knew about it for several weeks. Then tonight, Clay said he was sorry he couldn't take off work today to come.

What a nice "breath of fresh air"! Thank you everyone! Love you all!


  1. I, too, want to give you and Bro Rick accolades. Both of you were such a help to me and David in the early years of our marriage. We enjoyed coming to your house. You encouraged us, counseled us and we had such wonderful times. You are missed and I receive a blessing every time I read your blog. It kinda keeps me in touch with you.

    Congratulations! I like "good" surprises and I love your family. You, too! lol

  2. Thank you Sis Becky for your positive comments. We appreciate you, too.

  3. Mom, I think your the greatest! If it wasn't for you following God's lead on the Resthome, we may not have been in this ministry as long as we have. :o)

  4. Jules,
    Actually I was thinking that all the extra things we do like Mother's day I would never be able to do it without you and Lori makes the music what it is and Dad's messages and work with the PA system is the greatest. Thanks.