Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can you imagine rejoicing in you warm cozy, home while someone is outside freezing? Let's say it is someone you kicked out of a house you owned because they couldn't pay you rent because they had lost their job.

Now let's apply this spiritually. Can you imagine rejoicing and saying God is blessing in a church when there are those whom you have cut off because they didn't bow to your standards and now you have nothing to do with them?

I think this makes God as sick as it makes me. As Revelation chapter 3 says: You are poor, blind and wretched and think you have need of nothing. Let God anoint your eyes that you may see.

Who is your neighbor? The one you have left by the wayside to die. The one who some Good Samaritan bound up their wounds. The one who Jesus led by the still waters and the grassy fields and restored and comforted through the valley of shadow of death.


  1. Great post Mom! Some of your thoughts went along with mine that I wrote down on paper yesterday. Thanks for sharing! I like the example you used. :o)

  2. Like your new picture. Good thoughts!

  3. I really enjoyed your comment on Dillblog and have seen you before on Directed Paths. Didn't know you guys were related. You seem to have real insight to the church-going world and I appreciate your expressed views. It is exactly as you have said in churches all around today and I like the way you've made your point yet keep it short and sweet. Thanks so much for you input.