Monday, February 23, 2009

Amazing Grace for Sacrifice and Pressing the Battle til Won

We watched a borrowed DVD last night after church "Amazing Grace", the story of William Willberforce and his stand against slavery in England. He labored along with help and encouragement from a very few supporters. His desire for his life was to work for God in some other capacity but it was pointed out to him how needy it was to free the slaves from the conditions they were put through on the slave ships and how that was a work for God. He presented his bill to be passed many times but it was always voted down because the majority was concerned how it would affect the country and slave owners financially. But he would not let it go. His health suffered, sometimes he would be doubled over in pain because he was so stressed about the whole situation, not being able to convince the legislative body of how wrong they were. He had nightmares about it. He was thought of as a trouble maker. Yet he would not let it go. Oh! the terrible things that were committed in the name of right by proud people who thought they were in need of nothing!

Number 1, it gave me hope that we may be able to overturn Roe vs Wade and the murder of babies. I have kind of laid back thinking that there is no way we are going to cause the world to change their minds. But we need to keep trying. There are many other causes that are wrong in this world that we must not give up on changing.

Number 2, it encouraged me in the battles we face. Yes, sometimes it has affected our health. Yes, sometimes we are called trouble makers for the stands we take. Yes, we have been told we should let it go. Yes, it takes our sleep. And yes, we have spent many times down on our knees asking God to search us and direct us. And, yes, Praise God, he has come to us many times to enourage and take the fears away and restore us. I cannot speak too much of God, my Father, and Jesus, my brother. I lift them up.


  1. Hey Mom, I have been thinking about posting about that movie too. As a matter of fact I was going to do for tomorrow's post. You've written a well rounded post. Did the movie make you cry? It did me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Thanks Jules. You can still share it, too. You may see it better than me or have some different perspective or better way of wording it.

  3. I can't tell you how much some of the things you have written have helped and encouraged me. I really appreciate you letting God direct and lead you in the stands you take. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

  4. Nightingale,

    I appreciate your comments. God is the Faithful One. I was pondering this morning, still thinking on the movie and asking myself what have I accomplished for God in my life time compared to the main character. Nothing major to compare but if we each just do our little part as God lays it on our heart He will be pleased.