Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Delight Yourself In The Lord by Taking Christ to People

Tonight, Julie, Lori and I took our hymn books and instruments to the rest home. Sometimes we just go and share a couple of songs in rooms up and down the hall way. We love talking with the residents there and sharing the Lord. Some of them follow us around. One lady ask if we were coming to sing for her. She loved it and told us she had children the same age as my daughters. It is good not always requiring them to come to the day room and listen to a service. Going to their rooms lets us talk with them individually, taking Christ to them.

Natasa at Slavim Isusa has some good posts, especially the last 2. See her link on the side. One of them is a quote about how people want to take Christ's bricks and build their own castle. The other is about defining church.


  1. Hi there Jane. I have a question and it seems you have some experience so I will ask. I have been thinking of taking my 2 yr old and 5 year old to a nursing home to visit, but I am wondering how to go about that. Would I just show up at one and ask to visit? We do not play instruments or have any way to minister in that way. Honestly I am kind of nervous because I am not an outspoken person . If you have any ideas or suggestions that would be great. Thanks Jen

  2. Thanks for pointing out those two posts over at Slavim Isusa. I enjoyed reading them. :o)

    I had a hard time keeping up on a couple of those songs last night, but it was GOOD practice. :o)

  3. Jennifer,

    Lori and I went to our local nursing home about 8 yrs ago. We didn't know any resident at that time. We were shy also but we just went into a couple of peoples rooms and introduced ourselves and asked them about themselves. We would take a song book and sing a couple of songs in their room. We found out one of them was the mother of one of the employees where I work. Those people love little children, if you can imagine being in a place where there are no children. I would just get to know them a little better before letting the children get real close. You might even ask the activity director for suggestions of residents to start out with. We got close to the residents and they enjoyed us coming. An opening came to have a service there and we accepted. Now a lot of times we have services but some times we revert back to one on one visits. They love someone that will spend a few minutes to talk to them and they have so much love to offer. We come away encouraged. We make corsages for the women for Mother's Day and my company helps buy Christmas gifts. My husband brings messages to them and we are sometimes asked to help with a funeral. We have been there to help some families when a loved one is dying. I don't know what rules other places have about visitors. You could ask to speak to the activity director and tell her you would like to visit with some residents and see if she has any suggestions.

  4. I really enjoy rest home Sundays. We have been blessed so many times by the residents. They share scripture and give testimonies. Sometimes, I think we forget that someday we just might be where they are now.

    I also visited Natasa's blog and read the quotes. So true.

    Love you, Becky

    P.S. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I am on the mend.

  5. It is great that you have opportunity to serve like that... did you watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COy9e9Gbrpc ? ...

  6. Just found your blog..... Interesting.....I’ll be back to read more.

  7. It's wonderful to allow interaction with children and the aged. They love to see the children and the children seem fascinated by stories and things that older people tell about.

    My sisters, cousins, and I went once a week to our local nursing home to visit and sing. We gave the ones we were visiting a request of a song or two, and visited with them. They have so much to tell!

    Just because they're placed "on the shelf" out of the way, doesn't mean they're useless like one man told us. I enjoyed it.

  8. Though sometimes it is tiring, it is very rewarding.
    Nice pink shirt, whoever that is.

  9. Wonderful work for Jesus. Chris and I were feeling that Kristina needed emphasis on others, so since none of us can sing, we are going the route of having Kristina help train her dog to be a therapy dog, and then we plan on doing hospital/nursing home visits as a family and therapy dog. I'd rather be able to sing.. :)