Tuesday, February 3, 2009


(photo by xsquared)

Today I would just like to direct you to a blog link I have listed at the right: Gospel Outreach. These are believers I know personally and there are many great thoughts there. Becky Laywell brought a lesson on Feb 1, 2009 that was really great on assembling. To check it out go to: Gospel Outreach, click on reports, look under 2009 Gospel Outreach Meetings, Feb 1, 2009, "No Assembly Required". It is not what it sounds like but very beautifully outlined. You may click to read or print her outline. I am looking forward to more details in the near future. For a hint, did you ever buy a bike for your child and have to put it together? Oh, it was all there in the box when you bought it. But it wasn't assembled. Wasn't any good to anybody until it was. Couldn't resist that tidbit of information. Pray for Becky, she is having surgery today which may be over but she will be recovering.

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  1. Hey Mom- I read Becky's outline last night too. It's very well said and put together. I too look forward to her upcoming posts. Hope you are having a great day! Love you! :o) Your picture made me think of your snowman box.