Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tea Time with a New Tea Pot

I am finally getting to share my new teapot that is a Mother's Day gift from Lori, Julie and Clay.

First a clearing and rearranging of the kitchen. Then a hunt for a good tea menu. The cupboards are far from bare but it is the end of the month...before payday......mnnnnn.

Well I always have some kind of tea bags on hand. So I chose a regular decaf tea and selected a "chocolate mint" tea leaf  to float on the top of my tea . These are growing in a planter outside. I purchased a plant in early spring and nearly killed it waiting to plant it outside. But alas it did come back to life and is starting to spread.

Next, a slice of whole grain bread with butter and strawberry jam. Then a poached egg and some corn meal mush like my dad used to make us for breakfast.

Now for the setting with my new tea pot.

This setting includes my teapot which is a pottery piece from a lady's fair that included entrepreneurs of various trades. I have also included a Thomas Kinkade tea mug that "lights up" when filled with hot water.
I used my country cannisters and some small mingtree ironstone bowls given to me by my sister in law
 several years ago. The place mat is a pretty tea setting picture that came from K-mart.

I enhanced the color a bit here to catch the pretty blue of the teapot.

What a fun start to a Saturday morning. Tuesday I hope to link to Lady Katherine's Tea.

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  1. Glad to see you are enjoying your new pot! :o) I like the enhanced picture b/c the blue is more vibrant.