Saturday, June 28, 2008

Doing things with my whole heart

I confess that I have not always done things with my whole heart. I thank God that He has not given up on me and is still teaching and pushing me in my later years. He has constantly been stirring me not to be satisfied with my lack of ability but to realize "I can do all things through Christ" just like the Bible says.

He wants us to constantly expand our borders, push ourselves to the limit, take ourselves out of our comfort zones. And many times he allows us to be put in hard circumstances just to challenge us to climb out.

Colossians 3:23 "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men"

This applies to:

Worship: Put my all into worship. It blesses God, it blesses me and it blesses others
Work: Do my best at my job. Do it with a good attitude. Improve my skills. Advance my knowledge.
Talents: Practise and improve. God want my best

One of the ways God is helping me to learn that I can strive in a greater way is through the Christian based company we are associated with. The links to it are here on my blog. I can't begin to tell you the personal growth it is encouraging in me. To be around positive people who believe in putting God first, personal growth and helping others is fantastic.

Here is a quote from the CEO, Mike Jackson, who is so personable to all and yet expects your best:
"I appreciate the underlying meaning when I hear someone say they have been trying real hard, but in truth, trying is no substitute for doing. When you fail to study for a test, try as hard as you will, the answers will not come. When you procrastinate and fail to train, trying is fruitless on the day of the race. If you watch TV when you should be practicing the trumpet, trying hard at the audition probably won't amount to much. Mostly, when people say they are trying their best, they are covering for a lack of preparation, a failure to do what should be done when it should be done. "

I cannot be half hearted in anything I do and expect God to cover for me. Now when God sees me giving my very, very best he multiplies my abilities.

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  1. Couldn't agree with you more Mom! :o) God said He prefers that we be hot or cold. To be luke warm makes Him want to spit us out! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.