Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumn 2009 Show and Tell

Thank you friends for sharing your autumn decor today. It is certainly nice to "window shop" and save gasoline. You just invite me into your homes through Kelli's Show and Tell straight from Texas.Thank you Kelli for being such a wonderful hostess.

In this household the autumn decorations were brought out and the closet cleaned at the same time. :>)

Above is a beautiful piece of pottery made by my friend Maria with leaves and pumpkin along with metal candle tins.

Coffee table arrangement.

Arrangement from Julie's wedding with pumpkin

Mantel arrangement with 2 closeups below. "Give Thanks"

I like this big mum. It reminds me of the beautiful mums sold in high school for homecoming football games.

Basket arranged with various fall foliage in front of the fireplace

Little magnet on fireplace frame

A new gift: white Thanksgiving platter with leaf cookie cutters and ceramic pumpkin

This new little fella is dressed for the cool weather and viewing the fall deco. I couldn't resist sharing him. The doll I brought home from Mom's sewing room. The outfit that Mom made for my toddler son I have saved for a doll such as this. Of course, he is rooting for the Cincinnati Reds like my dad used to.

A couple other things I wanted to share. The embroidery piece I showed a few weeks ago with a new frame.

A little metal bird cage on the shelf above my dresser. Found it at an antique shop last Saturday. I will be keeping my eye out for something I have to add a decorative touch.

I praise God the Creator of all for the beauty of autumn.

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. It is interesting to see your autumn decoration. Here is not custom to decorate home according to season of the year.

  2. Love your show-and-tell!! And the little doll! How cool is that? So glad you found a doll for those clothes. And to think your mother made it all. Cherished items to have for always. :o)

  3. How lovely.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my tea strainer. I wish I knew more about it. I think it has probably graced many tea trays in its time. It was discovered in a cluttered antique mall in Franklin, Tn. I wish I knew its history, but I suppose the lack of information on it is part of its charm to me.

  4. Oh, everything is just beautiful!!! I especially like the "Give Thanks" wall hanging. Is that handmade?

    I must add that the "Babies Don't Keep" stitchery is a very familiar one to me. I stitched one of those for a sister-in-law many, many years ago. No idea where it is now... but it sure brought back memories!

    Thanks for sharing... and for stopping by my kitchen table too. Please visit any time!

    God bless.