Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Show and Tell Apron

Some of you may know, my mother passed away on May 2 of this year. She was 88 and did not recover from a massive stroke. The family stayed with her the last 2 1/2 weeks in a wonderful care center. We siblings bonded and told stories we had never shared with each other during that time.

With only an 8th grade education, through experience I believe my mother had a master's degree in sewing and baking and giving.

My 3 sisters and I recently decided to tackle the fabric assortment she had left behind. We had a wonderful time together. It took the 4 of us around 8 hrs of going through every piece and deciding which stack to put it in. There were also a few projects and china doll parts. Now mind you it was not that she did not finish things, she just loved fabric and still used her sewing machine. She made so many things through the years and her income helped the household budget. We learned to cook under her direction while she sewed. Her business was professional draperies but she could transform store bought clothes to make them fit. Or make it from scratch without a pattern. Her stitches were straight. I know, she was one of my 4-H leaders and she taught me how.

Today I am sharing something I brought home with me: an apron Mom made and wore. You may not be able to see the details of the handiwork on this but come see me in person and I will show it to you.

Below is a view from the back.

Here you see the shoulder pieces from the back.

And here is one of the ties that buttons to the back straps. Also see the detail of the strap: 2 pieces with tiny gathers where they meet together.

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  1. What sweet memories you will have every time you put it on!

  2. I learned something new today about my Grandma. (Either that or my memory was refreshed!) I didn't realize she only had an 8th grade education! I never would have guessed that!!! You're right, I believe she had a master's degree through expierence. Maybe even 2 or 3. :o) Thanks for sharing! Love ya, JUles

  3. Lovely treasure full of memories! Jean

  4. Thank you for sharing a bit of your mother with us. God bless you....

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful apron! My grandmother made aprons too, most often trimmed with bias tape as this one is. I love the print your mother chose and the details you showed.

    Thanks so much for sharing and also for stopping by my kitchen table. Please come by and visit again.

    God bless,

  6. I love your blog - I feel like I am in Branson, Missouri!