Friday, September 4, 2009

Back From Beautiful Ohio and Stirring Message on Sunday

For any of you who don't know, "Beautiful Ohio" is actually a song. The Urbana High School Band played it for football games. I have just returned from a great visit there. We stayed at the Yocom Farm for 3 nights in the sooo quiet country. They just let us take over their kitchen and bake cookies for the grandkids and Rice family picnic on Saturday. It was great seeing so many of the family that day. We sang at the Brown Reservoir Sunday morning for worship with friends. Boy was it cold We sang with coats on. Then it was on to the Bostic Bed and Breakfast in Troy for 4 nights. At least it felt like we were at a bed and breakfast. Glenn and Dru warmed our hearts. We enjoyed great fellowship with them. It gave us a home base and opportunity to visit other family and friends while there. We had great fellowship with some old friends, the Newells with a brunch on Tuesday. I had two great escorts for supper at the Urbana airport one evening: Roger and Eric. That was sure a treat. Dru and Glenn even let me pull a few weeds at their house and we enjoyed their hot tub. We had a great supper with Mark and Cindy. While Rick visited with Dru, Sis and family, I was able to get with all my sisters and we a hard work day but wonderful time together as we sorted through all Mom's fabric and projects. It felt so good to "soak up" Mom for a while. While there we had a nice drop in visit from Uncle George, Aunt Eloise, Uncle Phillip and Aunt Donna.

We are excited for Eric, Seth and Ericca getting a new house. The girls and Clay worked a little on it and me and Rick got the grand tour.

God watched over us on the way home as we had a drawn out, scary car problem. It just took us a lot longer with a lot of prayer.

We had very good worship services at church today. Everyone was glad to see us back. Tonight another brother brought the message. He spoke of being ready for Christs' coming. Part of the message after the scripture reading was incidents that happened during a tsunami and how some took the warning signals and many did not. A saying brought by our pastor today is posted on my facebook: "Forecast: Cloudy with the SON coming." Are you ready?

Good messages in songs also. Thank you God!


  1. I really apprecaited both messages on Sunday also. One went right along with some of my thoughts and devotions the week before and the other one a good warning to heed.

  2. Glenn & I so enjoyed your & Rick's was truly a breath of fresh air! And it was so fun to pal around with my brother! I was so thankful when you finally made it home...God is faithful! Enjoy the fruits of your labor as you pick, can & eat:)