Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad

Today is Moms' birthday. Saturday was Dads'. Sandy said we should all wear purple today but I haven't been on Facebook and didn't get the message from Julie until I was at work. I dressed Christmasy today.

Happy Birthday!I should have cloaked myself in the dressy, long purple coat I brought home from your closet. It would have been fun. I will get it out and maybe wear it tomorrow. :) But I do have some of your Christmas decorations and I know you loved the holidays. And don't worry, we left a lot for Roger but don't know if he will have the heart do decorate without you. He misses you, too. But we are doing good and appreciating all the things you saved (well maybe not our childhood teeth).

And Happy Birthday to Rick's mom today. Funny that our mothers were born on the same day just a different year. You would be proud of your family, Phoebe. God helped all your children through the experiences of losing their mother in their childhood.

May this Christmas season be Christ filled for everyone and continue throughout the year.

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