Sunday, December 20, 2009

Middle of the Night Thoughts

I am thankful for the friendship of God. He is truly an anchor that can definitely be counted on when nothing else can. In the quiet times and all down through my life He is there. He shares with me and I share with Him. Wow! That makes a person feel special.

His plan of sending us a Brother and Defender is perfect and really makes you feel super loved when you think about it. Jesus came to us through a Special Birth. Like the song that I have playing here on my blog by Chris Rice "Welcome Holy Child" He came to us to breath our air and walk our sod.

Dear Jesus,

Make yourself at home in my heart. Welcome to our world perfect Son of God.

As I read over the words of my post the joy of the truth of the words are stronger than I can relate through typing. He is my reason for living and my hope in dying.

1 comment:

  1. What an awesome God we serve. To think about that song and think of it's truths held within.

    "Fragile figures sent to heal us. Tender brow prepared for thorns. Tiny heart who's blood would save us, unto us is born!"

    Imagine what Mary must have been thinking and feeling has she held the Son of God.