Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anna Has Gone Home To Jesus

Our dear friends are trying to cope with letting go of their sweet daughter Anna. Anna went to be with Jesus in heaven around 8:30 this morning. This is such a shocking, sudden loss in their lives. As her daddy just said "If God would have asked Annie to do anything that would make a difference in somebody's life she would have gladly done it."

I know God has a perfect plan for all things and doesn't make mistakes. When He asks some sacrifice of us that alters our life completely it gives us "A New Kind of Normal" as author Carol Kent wrote in her book of that title.  She dedicates her book to others who are living in their own "new kind of normal". She has reached out to many where the end of the story did not turn out the way they would have chosen. No happily ever after, except for the hope and help we have in God. Subtitles of the chapters of the book:

1.  When Despair Tries to Take Me Under.. I Choose Life
2.  When I Wonder What God Could Possibly be Thinking...I Choose Trust
3.  When I Desperately Want Relief from Unrelenting Reality....I Choose Perseverance
4.  When I Feel Oppressed by My Disappointment and Sorrow..I Choose Gratitude
5.  When I Want to Keep My Feelings to Myself.. I Choose Vulnerability
6.  When Nothing Goes According to My Plan.. I Choose Relinquishment
7.  When I Want to Point the Finger.. I Choose Forgiveness
8.  When I Want to Give Up.. I Choose Purposeful Action

Anna, any life you ever touched is going to feel a missing part of that life. May we who are left here to continue on, find the purpose and lesson that God has for us. May He exceedingly and abundantly bless your family a hundred fold for making the sacrifice that He has required of them. We love you Anna. Thank God "There is a "Hello" after "Goodbye". "We WILL be with you far longer than we are without you"
Hello After Goodbye-Legacy Five (click to hear)

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  1. She is now in land of endless joy.