Monday, March 22, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday & Prayer for Friends

I put the draft for my post together on Saturday. But I can't keep from adding a prayer request for our dear friends. Their 18 yr old, Christian, sweet Anna got thrown from her horse on Friday. Her injuries were so severe that she died in the hospital on Sunday morning. She was well loved by family, fiancĂ©e, friends, coworkers and those who didn't even know her personally. It is such a shock to all. See my previous post.

With that said here is my Tea Time Tuesday. For sharing tea and conversation with others go see Katherine at Tea Time Tuesday

The weather is warming up enough for me to enjoy my favorite spot. This is what I call my prayer bench.

I don't usually dress it up this much when I come out here. But I thought since I was inviting guests to my private garden I would pretty it up a small bit. I usually just grab a hot mug of tea and my Bible and say
 "I'm goin' to my bench."

Saturday when I went down the road to a country store to get earthworms for the garden I found this jar of "Wild Maine Blueberry Preserves". I thought that looked like a great tea time treat. A lot better than worms!
My hyacinths are starting to bloom at the ends of the bench.

Good thoughts, memories and meditations are always blooming out there.
This is my view looking out over the neighboring field.

...and thanks for visiting with me!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I do love your private garden has your prayer bench, so you can say a prayer for her family and friends. I not one for worms, except in my garden too! But the wonderful Blueberry preserves, how I would love to taste them! I love your table, is it a wonderful quilt for a cloth? Such a wonderful spot to have a cup of tea and prayer! Then after you finish your Prayers and Tea, you can cozy up in the quilt with your Bible in hand! This is a Beautiful Tea with such deep meaning! Thank you for joining me with this Wonderful Tea in your private garden for Tea Time Tuesday!

  2. Thank you Lady Katherine. The mini quilt is just a small circle for a round table top. I grabbed it from my mother's bedroom a few months ago.

  3. Hello Jane,
    What a beautiful area you have...wonderful spot for tea and prayer.
    Prayers for your friends who have lost their precious daughter. What a tragic accident.