Friday, March 26, 2010

Celebration of a Homecoming

Anna's homecoming memorial service was truly a celebration. Her family was full of the grace of God, not without sorrow but sorrowing with hope. Everyone connected with Anna, whether family, friends, coworkers was deeply affected by her life and thus also her death. To see her precious parents graciously greeting hundreds of people and even giving comfort to others was amazing. The greatly participated in the service with reflections and songs. Displays of Anna's saddle and pictures and drawings in frames, some from Anna's bedroom, notes to her fiance, her Bibles and study books.

I think just now of the song "Oh may all who come behind me find me faithful" There is a verse that talks about after I am gone and all I've left behind is sifted through, may the clues that they discover and the memories they uncover lead them to a life of Christ. That was certainly true in Anna's case.

I believe God placed the thought in my mind to get, not a sympathy card, but a congratulations card on your new home. Since Anna's obituary was written in the first person as though she had written it herself, I addressed our card to Anna to give to her parents. I wrote: "Anna,  Most parents have a hard time when their child moves out on their own.  But since you have moved in with Someone they trust it makes it a little easier on them." With a PS "See you at the family reunion."

Please continue to pray for Anna's family. She has 3 precious brothers and 1 sister who shared a room with her. They will have a sink hole in their lives for many months to come. God bless you Coons family.

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  1. Your note to Anna and her family was perfect. It says it all...

    Prayers for you all,