Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday of prayer for a friend and gardening.

Today I would like for everyone to join me in prayer for a dear friend. Anna, 18, and a sweet Christian girl, had an accident with her horse on Saturday. A vehicle honked and spooked her horse. She was thrown into a culvert. My understanding is she got herself to her grandmother's house and collapsed. She has split her liver and detached the main arteries to her liver. She is in critical condition in an Ohio hospital. Her precious parents and 4 younger siblings are camping out at the hospital with emotional ups and downs as Anna has the physical ups and downs of such a serious condition. Her life is on the line and she is so loved. Julie had taken her senior pictures not long ago and she is engaged to a Christian young man who also waits with the family.

This weekend Rick and I got a start on the garden. He has been working hard planting seeds in trays for a week or more. He also has spent some time using the tiller. That is hard work bless his heart! Lori pitched in and dug some holes for plants last night. We planted some purchased plants that are ok to set out in cooler weather, broccoli and cabbage. Then he and I worked the soil for the next two rows with hoes and rakes and mixing in a stack of fine leaves that have been sitting over the winter.  The ground here has so much clay in it and over the past years Rick has worked in some other soil and lime. He had also started a compost pile a few months ago and we have been adding our egg shells, banana peels, etc. Today I made a trip down the road to a country store to buy some earth worms that we added to the compost pile and the garden. I hope those worms know their home address now as we need their help for the soil! This is our first time trying that.Anyway, the next two rows will be lettuce. My hubby said I looked pretty good with a pitchfork in my hand and I said I always did want to be a farm girl!

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