Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rick spoke at the rest home tonight. He brought one of my favorite scriptures, the story of the Good Samaritan. When he was young, he was in the children's home in Xenia, OH after his mother died. At age nine, he had a Christian lady that was over his dorm of about 12 boys. She was older but took care of them and introduced the boys to devotions and church. He remembers her care for him when his asthma would put him in the home's hospital. Even though she was older, she would carry him on her back to the hospital.
The memories of someone reaching out to help you are a breath of fresh air. Especially when at other times of your life you have felt the scourging heat of neglect by someone.
Through the years of working at the rest home we have come in contact with some sweet people that love the Lord. They are very loving and appreciative of the little that we have to give to them. Some words of scripture, some gospel songs and a few moments of conversation. I always come away from there encouraged.

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  1. Mom, I enjoyed the resthome service last night too. I enjoy hearing Dad telling stories of his past and how it went only with the thought he was bringing. :o)