Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Thoughts

Yes, I am dissappointed today in mankind. No, I am not dissappointed in God. Because of the history of my generation and the barriers that were broken through for the black people I would love to celebrate a black president but I cannot because of his values and ideas for this country. I have loved to worship in a racially mixed congregation and sing at a black/white wedding when it was not popular. And I was certainly not popular with my mother for worshipping with blacks even though she associated with blacks and did sewing for them (Bless her heart!)

But I have been admonished against having a pity party today. Yes I see a move to the socialist left which is bad, but it is a good time for me to see them for who they are and be more informed. It is a good time for me to face the storm with the help of God. It is a good time for me to bone up on history, the constitution, the Bill of Rights, contact senators, governors, representatives, etc. Also, it is time to increase my Bible study and prayer and witnessing while I have the opportunity. May God help me.

Some may say a Christian has no business being involved in politics. We certainly would not have the opportunities to worship today if the pilgrims and forefathers had huddled in their own group in a corner and ignored what was going on around them. They "stepped into the water and waded out a little deeper."

My prayers are for those who are in authority, but I am watching them and not expecting them to make everything all right in this country. The Bible says the heart is deceitful and desparately wicked. When the Spirit of God has not changed a heart it meets this description. And I believe we have a huge fight on our hands for "wickedness in high places."

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