Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Do you believe on the Son of God?

It is such a beautiful fall morning. I had to go out to the backyard and to my bench to breath in the fresh, crisp air. We have 1 tree with leaves that are very red. But I must hurry to get to work and be inside most of the day. Maybe I will try to use my breaks and lunch to go outside.

Reading in John chapter 9 this morning. The man who was blind and Christ gave sight was conversing with the Pharisees. They were questioning him and he gave them some good answers. He said how could a man be a sinner and heal his eyes. But they were offended at him. Thought they could not be taught anything by this insignificant man and they excommunicated him.

Jesus said to him, "Do you believe on the Son of God?" And the man said "I believe" and he worshipped Him.

How simple. When others cast you aside, know that your relationship is with Jesus. That is where the connection is.

This morning I thought of how many sinners are so vulnerable when they get saved. Instead of building on Christ they attach themselves to a group of people who are willing to make them one of "their" group. We must be careful to let people attach themselves to Christ, the vine.

As the saying is politically speaking these days: It's ok to look for a hand up when you are down, just don't look for a hand out. People need help and encouragement to get what they need from Jesus. But the main attachment should be the person themselves connecting with Jesus. Then if they are cast aside by a group of people, they are still attached to Him.

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  1. This reminds of that pharse I quoted to you from our Bible Study at church last night. Enrest said, "You don't know that Christ is all you need, until Christ is all you got." Good toughts Mom. Thanks for sharing. :o)