Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Glad to be Home

Glad the work day is over because I was so tired from interrupted sleep. I was not much good at work today and besides we had our thanksgiving meal. Preparation and clean up always takes longer than lunch hour. I did get my apple dumplings made last night since they are not much trouble. Everyone at work is super nice and very good cooks.

Rick is improving. The doc was great today and took a lot of time with us. We were ready with our list of questions. I thought he might put him in the hospital, but doc
was glad hubby looked better today and sounded better. He said the medicine and prayer was working.

The song comes to mind, "God is faithful, God is faithful,......God is so faithful to me".

I wrote a song many years ago about how some folks are satisfied to go to church on Sunday but leave God there the rest of the week. The chorus says "I'm so glad that He's with me every day." The thought is still good today. Thanks for your prayers and keep it up.


  1. Mom- I am glad Dad is doing better! We were ready to change our plans if he was put in the hospital. I wish you could still go, but God must have a plan. I'm not thankful he is better for selfish reasons. I'm truly thankful he is doing better b/c it is an anwser to prayer. :o) Glad I got to visit with you a little tonight. Thanks for supper! love ya. P.S. What is something we can thank Him for out of this situation? (Even though it is sad you won't be making the journey?)

  2. By the way....I like how you've added the color purple! Very pretty!

  3. I thought the color change would catch people's eye a little better. So I'll probably be changing it often until I learn how to do something else. I wish each post could be formatted separately. And even though I'm not going I will be thankful for just some relaxing time of doing what I want here.

  4. Hi
    It's good to hear your husband's getting better. If you'd ever feel like sharing the words to your song, I'd love to see it!!!