Friday, July 10, 2009

Aprons and Baby Clothes for Show and Tell Friday

Go see Kelli today at Show and Tell Friday. She got me started on aprons after seeing her show and tell blog today. I came home from work and dug out my plastic box under my bed and found 2 of my aprons and then went to my closet to find some more. While looking I found a couple of outfits that were homemade by my mother and sister when my children were small. After washing them and having an appointment to go to this evening I am finally getting to share my items.
This was one of my first 4-H sewing projects over 40 years ago. It is a draw string apron and I remember working to get the pocket on straight. See how the plaids match where I sewed the pocket? I may as well tell here that my first simple dress I made in 4-H got a purple rosette and I won a pair of Wiss scissors and they are still my sewing scissors now. OK sorry for bragging. Back to the aprons.

This apron was hand sewn by a blind lady who was the pastors wife at the country church I attended when I was young.

This is an apron that was made several years ago and is the one I pull out to use when I am cooking a big meal and need to protect my clothes. I really didn't want my picture but I thought you could see the apron better. :>)

There are several old aprons here given to me by a friend at work. She helped clean a house out and didn't want to throw them away.

This little skirt was made by my younger sister when my girls were little. She probably doesn't know that I have kept it. I have always wanted some of those life size toddler dolls to dress in these clothes and set in my living room. Isn't the little duck cute?

This is an outfit my mother made for my first son. The jacket and bibbed pants go together and are made of double knit. I included a close up of the lining that says "I love you." That lining is also the facing on the bibs.

Have a great weekend. I am going to go enjoy some more posts. Keep my husband in your prayers.


  1. Love the aprons (I just love aprons myself too and wear them frequently!) and the baby clothes. That "I love you" lining is simply adorable. What a sweet idea!

    Thanks for sharing... and for stopping by my kitchen table too!

    God bless.

  2. Enjoyed looking at your post tonight. I couldn't even see the pocket on your first apron upon glancing at it. I had to look really hard to see it. You must have worked hard to make it look that way. I remember that skirt! Lori said she couldn't wear it b/c I was more chubby than she was. Bless it, she couldn't help it that nothing stayed up on her little frame. :o)

  3. sweet. I had never seen that outfit before

  4. The little brown skirt was not what she was talking about. The navy blue skirt and vest I got out but didn't show.

  5. I so enjoyed your parade of aprons! I especially like the 4H one for I was a 4H leader of one of the largest groups in Mississippi. I loved it and my children did too. Hopefully I will get to see my grandchildren do the same. I want a sheer scalloped white apron, maybe one day I will get it make one. I love seeing and reading your comments. Today's comment was very special and sweet of you. I do not know how to needle point! lol I hope to learn someday! I love for you to live near, I'm sure I can use some inspiration about now. For this year my creative thought are on the low side. Love your visits! You inspire me with them!