Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday Show & Tell

I enjoyed reading Dose of Joy on Kelli's Show and Tell Friday. She showed her beautiful violin and left a selection for us to hear. Music is one of my favorite things. I am so glad God blessed us with it. Many, many times He has woke me up with a song for encouragement. Rick and I sang a song together in church before we had a date. Of course, that was more than 36 years ago next month.

Well, I had thought of sharing something musical and maybe I will share a little each week. Today I am sharing my organ that sits in the living room. My dream is to have a music room someday.

The story behind this is it belonged to my brother-in-laws' mother. When he and his wife came to NC for a visit, I came in after a day at work to greet them. I hadn't even noticed that on one side of my living room was something covered up with a sheet. He surprised me with the organ bringing it all the way from Ohio in the back of his vehicle. It just barely fit. I was so pleased that he thought of me to give it to me. He also brought several pieces of music, some very old sheet music. Here are some samples:

When I was young, we had a small organ at home that Mom and Dad purchased new. I am not proficient by a long shot, but I learned basic chords and loved to play. Does anyone remember when they used to have merchants set up in a building at a county fair? Always there was a music store that had a booth of organs like this one and someone would be playing. It was really popular to have one in your home.
This is the box of 100 sheets of music that came with our organ at home. I learned to play from these. Each selection taught something new.

Thanks for sharing a piece of my life this week.


  1. I like sound of organ. Unfortunately I don't play any instrument.

  2. What a generous thing for your brother-in-law to do. It must be such a blessing in your home. When my children were all at home I loved hearing their piano and flute music floating through the house. Unfortunately I don't play any instrument, nor can I read music.

    Thanks for sharing this blessing! And thanks for stopping by my kitchen table too. Stop in anytime!

    God bless,

  3. Sometime will you play a song on your flute and put it on your blog? I love to hear you play!

  4. You have some great music to play!

  5. I remember when Uncle R brought that to you. You were very surprised! I love to hear you play it.

  6. I never liked the organ 'till I heard you play it.